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27 Sexist Microaggressions That Can Happen In A Relationship

"I help around the house." ...YOU LIVE HERE!

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2. Or that, despite both of you having jobs, the man usually gives the "I'm too tired" excuse in order to avoid doing something as simple as cooking dinner (which literally takes 20 minutes).

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But yet look how energetically he analyzes the latest episode of Westworld...

3. Or, in some cases, when the man appeals to his "ignorance" in a specific domestic field and tells you "you do it better than I do, anyway."

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"I'm just going to make a mess and ruin the clothes if I wash them," says the 34-year-old man.

4. You do all the grocery shopping, even if that means buying products that are specifically for him (like those blue razors), yet he is incapable of buying you a box of tampons.


5. When the man actually does cook dinner and then expects your eternal gratitude and thanks in return.

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"Wow! Thank you so much for making me that omelette for dinner that one time last year!"

6. When you tell him he needs to help out more at home, and he gets upset, so he spends a week acting like Wonder Man just so he can go back to doing nothing shortly thereafter.

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And no doubt about it, he will forever claim that he is "so helpful" because of that one time he washed two full loads of laundry back in 2009.

7. When the man expects you to keep track of everything in his life: "Do you know where I left the car keys? / Have you seen my blue shirt? / Do you know if there's any beer at home?"

8. When the man assumes you are his personal therapist for all of his meltdowns, but then he either doesn't pay the slightest bit of attention to yours or plays them down with phrases like "It's not a big deal" or "Don't worry, it will be resolved in the end."


9. When the man makes plans for the both of you without consulting you on your opinion, while you usually make time to ask him how he feels about doing X thing next Sunday.

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And when you tell him he could have consulted you or, at least, asked you what you had in mind, he gets all defensive.

10. And when the man assumes that you're available 100% of the time.

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"No, I can't go with you to Ikea this afternoon on a whim. Why not? Because I already had something very important planned: drinking wine."

11. When his professional career is prioritized over your own. For example, if he gets a job abroad, it is assumed that you'll go with him, leaving behind your own career, friends, and everything else that you have in your country.


13. When you always organize leisure activities.

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You look for the hotel, buy the plane tickets, organize the itinerary, and do everything else, as if you were his personal assistant.

14. When the man invites you to spend time with his friends, but always turns down the invitation when you ask him to come hang out with your own friends.

15. Or, if the man does accept your invitation, he sulks the whole evening, just to make it clear that he didn't really want to come in the first place, making you feel uncomfortable in front of your friends.

16. When you're hanging out with your mutual friends, and the group splits up into one group with all the men and one with all the women.

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Because obviously all the women want to talk about is lipstick, high heels, and blush.


19. When it's assumed that when he's sick you'll take care of him, which you'd gladly do, but when you're sick, he says he doesn't know what to do.

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Hand me some ibuprofen and tell me that, despite my thinking otherwise, I'm not going to die from a sprained ankle.


24. When sex is performed under his terms: meaning, if he feels like doing something and you don't, he insists, but if he doesn't feel like doing it... well, he just doesn't feel like it, end of story.


This post was translated from Spanish.