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18 Moments You'll Only Understand If You Detest Physical Contact

We can have a conversation without you holding onto my arm, thank you very much.

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Physical contact.

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It's the 21st century, yet some people STILL consider it necessary.

There are two extremes of people: those who are too busy with their heads buried in their phones to waste time on actual human interaction and those who believe that physical contact is essential to successful communication. WHY?!

2. You don't understand how humans (the most "civilized" beings in the animal kingdom) have come to equate tickling with "fun."

Nickelodeon / Via Fanpop

And even with flirting!

I'm sorry, but tickling me will not make me fall hopelessly in love with you. It will only make me want to hurt you.


9. You always feel guilty for not hugging and kissing every single cousin, aunt, uncle, and dog before leaving a family gathering.


I love you all dearly, but isn't this just a bit ridiculous? Words can be just as effective to show affection!

10. The pit in your stomach that you get when you realize that you'll have to brave the crowds to do your holiday shopping.


Although you may have resorted to online shopping for this very reason. Genius.


12. If a friend tells you some bad news, you're not entirely sure how long your hug should last.

Heyday Films / Warner Bros

You start to pull away, but then realize that they weren't quite done, so you go back in, pretending the awkward moment never happened.


This post was translated from Spanish.