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NYC Girl who's slightly obsessed with all things nerdy and yet lacking the correct vocabulary to describe said obsession. It's just screaming, honestly. Lots o' screamin'. I wrote a book though, so I guess that means I possess some capability of expressing myself. Was it about super heroes, you ask? OF COURSE IT WAS. And if by heroes you mean single heroine? Then you are a smarty pa-tooty pants. Anyways, things are gonna get weird here, obviously. But I hope you enjoy it/retain some of your dignity when it's over. I mean, I said smarty pa-tooty pants. Things already got weird and you've been weirded. You're welcome.

Apr 2016
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    BeanFrank commented on 18 Compliments People Received That They Still Think About To This Day

    My friend's brother died very young and out of the blue. Obviously, the family was devastated, but her father took it especially hard. He was a quiet man, very strong but few words type, and a religious man - he went to church every Sunday without fail. But once his son died, he refused… 


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    BeanFrank commented on What's The Best Improvised Marvel Movie Line Or Scene?

    This doesn't really count, but there was a Make-A-Wish kid that visited the set of Thor: Ragnarok - they were filming the scene where Thor is in the arena and realizes he's about to fight the Hulk. The kid was the one who suggested that Thor say, "He's a friend from work!" It's not… 


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    BeanFrank commented on 15 Really Unique Ways People Met Their Significant Others

    During the 1970's a mid-twenties girl was going to Medical School, but this group of girls she went to school with thought she was one of the biggest nerds - in looks and personality. Like something out of a teen rom-com, they decided to invite this girl to one of their parties as… 


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    BeanFrank commented on What's Your Favorite True Crime Podcast?

    In the Dark - taking it from the podcast's own description of itself: Child abductions are rare crimes. And they're typically solved. For 27 years, the investigation into the abduction of Jacob Wetterling in rural Minnesota yielded no answers. In the most comprehensive reporting on… 


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    BeanFrank commented on We Want To Know About The Most Awkward First Date You've Ever Had

    Not mine, but happened to a close friend of mine that's too nice for her own good. Needless to say, the perils of online dating cannot be denied. She met this guy over OkCupid. He seemed normal, and all that jazz, so they decided to meet up for dinner and drinks. The horror started… 


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