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We Want To Know About The Most Awkward First Date You've Ever Had

Like the time they cried over their ex.

Let's be honest, first dates can be awkward AF. Sure, sometimes they're great, but other times they're simply AWFUL.

Have you ever experienced something weird, like a date who brings up an ex and asks you for advice on how to win them back?

Or a date who pulls the whole "I left my wallet at home" card and makes you pay for the entire meal?

Ever been SO EXCITED for a first date, only to show up and realize the person you were supposed to be meeting (based on their Tinder pic) is definitely NOT the same person sitting in front of you?

Or worse — a date where you have major stomach issues and spend the entire time in the bathroom?


If you've ever had an unfortunate first date experience, we want to hear about it! Submit your story in the comments below and yours could be included in a post or video on BuzzFeed.com!