18 Compliments People Received That They Still Think About To This Day

    Words are a powerful thing, people.

    Words of affirmation are one of the most powerful love languages out there. Recently, the BuzzFeed Community chimed in with anecdotes of the best compliments they've received. And, well, I guess y'all have even more to share because we can't stop reading through your submissions. Here are 18 of the most memorable stories:


    "A mom once stopped me at a Renaissance fair and told me her daughter thought I was a princess and asked if she could take a picture with me. The mom was super apologetic, but it made my day! I still get happy when I think about it." —samanthah484e68b4c


    "When I was in fourth grade, my teacher asked if anyone knew what 'assuaged' meant and I told him. He said I had an amazing vocabulary and I think about that weekly." —maddiechaskasbestfriendd


    "I have four kids — two are my own and two are stepkids. My stepdaughter is very demonstrative and tells me often that she’s happy I’m here and that she loves me. My stepson is 14 and much less communicative. On Mother’s Day he had a card made for me that said, 'Disney got it wrong about Stepmums,' and inside he’d written, 'Dad did good,' and nothing on earth has ever, ever made me feel so special, nor ever will again. His praise is less effusive but so sincere." —elizaa4e15b69a7


    "An elderly lady at the grocery store told me she loved my turquoise hair and that she wished she could do it. I told her she could. I was so used to elderly people giving me side-eye and tutting at my hair and goth makeup, and it surprised me. I still remember it years later." —sjjen


    "Two years ago my mother told me I was her role model. Growing up as a plus-size woman, she never felt she had someone to look up to. She said to see her daughter be a plus-size woman who has amazing taste in fashion impressed her. It broke my heart at first, but then I felt honored." —daniellerebeccae


    "When I was very young, I remember my mother stroking my hair and telling me I had pretty, almond-shaped eyes. To this day, my eyes are the feature I love about myself the most." —m4c248eed6


    "I have an eye disorder that will eventually leave me blind. One time at a drama lesson, a girl came up to me and told me my eyes looked like stars." —cakeykate


    "Texted my male best friend and he said he was just thinking about me. I asked why and he said, 'You're really nice to think about.' It's not much but it stuck with me." —brigittaf


    "My boyfriend at the time told me in a matter-of-fact way that I was the most beautiful girl he'd ever known. He was a goofy guy, so a compliment this serious stuck with me." —fishinggrandm8


    "I’ve been a middle school teacher for years, but one comment from a student has always stuck with me. On the last day of my internship in college, there was a little girl in the class that said, 'Thank you for always believing I'm smart.' She could feel my love for my students, I think." —marym4eda90ea1


    "One day the guy I was dating and I were sitting with some of his friends, and even though I wasn't saying much, he told one of his friends that I was 'insightful.' I'd always been pursued for my looks. It was really awesome to hear someone say that they valued me for my mind. Up until that point, I had acted kind of dumb because I thought that was what guys wanted, but that showed me that I didn't have to pretend to be something I wasn't." —sanctuaryxiii


    "I have been suffering through a mental health journey, and it means so much to me when someone tells me 'You deserve to be happy' because it’s so powerful in every word." —kellynm452ef593c


    "I was self-conscious about never having had a boyfriend in high school because I thought I was ugly. Then one of the prettiest girls I knew randomly told me that I looked like I should be the model for a Greek sculpture or something. That really boosted my confidence for years." —sspina


    "We were at a large family gathering just chatting and eating. Someone mentioned that my wife and I were listed as guardians of their children if they died unexpectedly. Then two others piped up: 'Us too!' 'Us TOO!' 'We knew them first!' There were three other couples that, unbeknownst to us, had listed us as their children's guardians. It was really humbling to know that." —edz4c2818b3d


    "My best friend once introduced me as someone that made the best cards and picked out perfect presents. Fast-forward two years and that same friend and his roommates have kept every card I've ever made and taped them up on their walls." —ktk8895


    "My favorite teacher, who I really admire, wrote to me in a note saying I was her fourth daughter." —beepysheep


    "My late father once said, 'Of all my children, you work the hardest.' I'm the oldest of five kids and was only 19 at the time he said that. It has always stuck with me." —kenzys


    "'I’m so proud of you.' The last coherent words my dad said as he died. I still try to make him proud every day." —PHM8

    Let's keep this thread going. What's the best compliment you've ever received? It can have a deeper story or sound totally superficial; it can be short or long. Whatever it is, share your story in the comments below!