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Wir müssen über Promi-Doppelgänger sprechen

Warum sehen plötzlich alle Promis gleich aus?

16 Screenshots, bei denen Du Dich sofort alt fühlst

Oh nein, schon wieder das Mail-Postfach voll!

19 fantastische Fotos von den Dreharbeiten der ersten Star Wars Filme

Aus einer Zeit, weit, weit vor Green Screen und CGI.

Most Powerful Child Abuse Ads Ever Created

Try not to be moved by some of this advertising.

10 Nifty Google Easter Eggs That Will Amuse You

I know everyone and your mom told you to Google "do a barrel roll" today. Fun, yes? But that's not the only cool Easter egg Google is hiding. Here are 9 other nifty tricks.

Awesome Sweaters That Don't Exist Yet

Maybe they will by the time winter really rolls around. We're promised they'll exist someday. I handpicked the ones I thought you might like.

Brazilian Cops Ram Drug Dealers' Plane With Car

This is something straight out of Rambo.

First Photos Of Mariah Yeater, Justin Bieber's (Alleged) Baby Mama

20-Year-Old Mariah Yeater is the woman behind the Justin Bieber paternity suit. She alleges that her (alleged) 30-second tryst with Bieber resulted in a pregnancy. Here are photos of her so you can imagine their gross alleged bathroom encounter. I'm sorry for the mental images.

Epic Sword Dancing

All of the wonderful elements here combine to create the most beautiful and eloquent music video I've ever seen.

Charlie Day And Jason Sudeikis Are Hilarious In This Week's SNL Ads

I cannot wait to watch Charlie Day on SNL. I honestly think he may be the perfect host for the show. His brand of random insanity seems perfect to put him on the same level as Baldwin and Timberlake and Martin. No pressure Charlie.

40 Examples Of Experimental Braids

Short-haired people! Look at all the annoyingly complicated time-consuming hairstyles you're missing out on.

32 Fascinating Outfits From China Fashion Week

So outlandish and yet so pretty. Fashion Week in China might not get the coverage of New York and Milan but that doesn't mean the ten day event isn't chocked full of fancy ensembles.

The Most Heartbreaking Photos From The Kim+Kris Dash Store Vigil

Dozens of people and a guy with a guitar showed up to mourn the divorce of Kim Kardashian + Kris Humphries after someone posted an ad Craigslist. It was a sad, sad day in SOHO...

Heidi Klum's Crazy Halloween Costumes Through The Years

Heidi Klum is always up for an insane costume. Here's a year by year breakdown of her awesome over the top Halloween attire.

Exploding Objects

Alan Sailer creates art by blasting food and ornaments with a rifle and capturing the impact on a camera and flash he built in his garage. The flash is triggered when the pellet from an air rifle passes through a laser beam. (via)

Heidi Klum Loses Her Clothes And Her Skin For Halloween

One of the most beautiful women in the world shows how awesome she is every Halloween. This year was no different. Checkout her insane transformation here.

The Best Angelina Jolie Costume Ever

This works best if you're not white.

18 Pieces Of Bill Murray Fan Art

Melrose's Gallery1988 opens its "Please Post Bills" tribute show next week. Here are 18 of 80 of the pieces showing at the exhibit.

The Greatest Song Ever Written

All you need are four chords. Just watch.

"The Hunger Games" Character Posters Revealed

May the odds of these actors being awesome be ever in your favor. Brought together from eight separate websites, here is the first look at many of the major players for "The Hunger Games".

Pictures From The Best Internet Party Of The Year: Hallowmeme

Last night was the third annual Hallowmeme party and it was simply awesome. I can't wait for next year.

Protestors Hug Riot Policemen

These photos are sweet, but they scare me. There is something about riot gear that makes me think bad things are about to happen. Oh yeah, maybe because it's called "riot" gear.

Steven Tyler's New Face

Steven Tyler is recovering after passing out in the shower of his South America hotel room from food poisoning and dehydration. This is NOT a Halloween costume. He lost two teeth!

14 Punctuation Marks That You Never Knew Existed

Where have you been all my life, the Interrobang‽ Less so, the Asterism, despite the awesome name. How many of these did you know already? Be honest.

36 Jaw-Dropping Nature Photos

Nature is awesome. I don't care what anyone says: nature porn is the best porn out there.

Edible Spray Paint

Now you too can live out the fantasy of being King Midas. Food Finish was created as a tasteless (in more than one sense) way to spruce up boring meals at dinner parties.

Another Courtney Stodden "Pre-Plastic Surgery" Picture Surfaces

This photo was allegedly taken when Courtney was 15 years old. That's just two short years ago. What do you think? Did she have a crazy amount of work done or just age a couple years?

New Black Keys Music Video: "Lonely Boy"

The Black Keys have done it again. Their new album hits December 6th, and the video for their first single "Lonely Boy" is amazing.

Colbert Challenges Herman Cain To A Slow Smiling Contest

Hot on the heels of Herman Cain's strangest campaign ad, Stephen Colbert offers some (very similar) homages of his own. Then he challenges Cain to a slow smile contest.

Big Bad Wolfing

Quite possibly the sexiest viral sensation to date. Either that or the weirdest. What's this all about? Watch the video.

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