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Shark Week

Shark Week

Shark Inspired Art Pieces

The “re-defining” of the animal kingdom has become a widespread trend among artists these days. And sharks are no different. Of course, sharks are fun to play with creatively: their pointy noses, sharp teeth and ferocious nature make them the perfect adversary or the classic anthropomorphic character. Have a look at the shark-inspired artwork below by different artists all over the world.

Damien Hirst's Shark

The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living is an artwork created in 1991 by Damien Hirst. It consists of a tiger shark preserved in formaldehyde in a vitrine.

How To Feed A School Of Sharks

I think this is supposed to be beautiful, but it's frankly still terrifying. This has been around before, but I really want one of those Shark Week badges and Shark Week is almost over.

There's A Shark That Can Become Invisible

Shark Week, you've gone too far. I love sharks for the mixture of fear and awe they inspire within all of us, but this? The Lantern Shark apparently can use its bioluminescence to appear invisible. There's no awe here, just cold, cold fear. I'm done with oceans.

30 Badass Shark Tattoos

You may not believe it from your own personal experience, but I guarantee that these people are watching more Shark Week programming than you are. In fact, I'd say few others are more dedicated to shark culture than these fellows.

Steven Spielberg's Congratulatory Letter From Jaws To Star Wars

When Star Wars finally passed Jaws as the most rented movie of all time, Spielberg took out a full page ad in Variety to congratulate his friend. And the image shows what we all need to remember during this, the holiest of Shark Weeks: Droids>Sharks.

Sigh Shark Week

Treasure Chest, a religious adventure comic from the 1950s offers a prescient take on Shark Week.

Great White Voldemort

This is what happens when Shark Week and a Harry Potter marathon clash during an all night bender. The most terrifying Dark Wizard of the high seas. Majestic, misunderstood, deadly.

The 10 Largest Sharks In The World

Even if most of these guys are pretty tame, I still wouldn't want to mess with any of 'em. Not only are these sharks bigger than you, but they have some of the most intimidating names around.

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