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Killer Cocktails For Shark Week

As a follow up to Sweet Shark Week Snacks, here's a list of Shark Week inspired cocktails to make this week that much more awesome. Perfect for playing the Shark Week drinking game. Bottoms up!

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  • 1. Bitter Bite

    Bitter Bite

    Captain Morgan Lime Bite tequila, sour mix and Coca-Cola.
    Brought to you by Discovery channel! Click here for different variations!

  • 2. Bull Shark Bite

    Bull Shark Bite

    1 oz. Brazilian Cachasa rum
    A few drops of Blue Curacao
    2 lime wedges, juiced

  • 3. Shark's Dessert

    Shark's Dessert

    2 oz. Ciroc Dragonberry
    2 oz. Sprite
    1 oz. lemonade

  • 4. Fish Blood Shot

    Fish Blood Shot

    1 package red jello
    1 cup water
    1 cup chilled berry flavored vodka
    Gummy Fish

  • 5. Blood In the Water

    Blood In the Water

    2 parts citrus vodka
    2 parts club soda
    1 part fresh grapefruit juice
    A drizzle of grenadine

  • 6. Shark Infested Water

    Shark Infested Water

    2 parts margarita mix
    2 parts tequila
    1 part blue curacao
    1 part triple sec
    Blue sugar
    Gummy fish or gummy sharks

  • 7. Shark Attack Sangria

    Shark Attack Sangria

    1 bottle red wine
    2 cups club soda
    2 cups cranberry juice
    1 cup orange juice
    Gummy Fish

  • 8. The Fuzzy Shark

    The Fuzzy Shark

    5 cl Blue Curacao
    2.5 cl Peach Schnapps
    2 cl Orange Juice

  • 9. Shark Bite

    Shark Bite

    This frozen drink, aptly named after something we all fear, combines rum, orange juice, sour mix and a bit of grenadine.