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Puppy Bowl

Puppy Bowl

17 Dogs Who Shockingly Lost Their Puppy Bowl Bets

These guys just weren't cut out for betting.

This Is The Puppy Who Should Have Won The Puppy Bowl

Everyone knows the true champions are the champions of our hearts.

22 Dogs Who Freakin' Loved Watching The Puppy Bowl

Basically, everyone's a winner when it comes to the Puppy Bowl.

The Glorious, Fabulous Lives Of The Real House Poms Of Beverly Hills

On this episode: Jiff and Giggy meet up to talk charity when things go unexpectedly and totally wrong. DRAMA.

61 Adorable Behind-The-Scenes Moments At Puppy Bowl X

Welcome to the Puppy Bowl, where the puppies are the stars and the kittens win our hearts.

What Kind Of Dog Are You?

Because is there anything better than being a dog?

21 Mutts Muggin'

The hottest instagram trend is called Mutt Muggin and it's quite simple: put your mutt in a mug. The results are adorable.

Meet The Cutest And Cuddliest Couple On Instagram

Pete and Tally have the relationship you wish you had, be honest.

27 Signs You Are A Shiba Inu

Or, signs you are a sassy introvert.

15 U.S. Olympians Posing With A Siberian Husky Puppy Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

With the Sochi Winter Olympics less than a month away, get to know some members of Team USA in the most adorable way possible.

1 Tiny Dog Face That Will Leave You Breathless And Melt Your Heart Until You're In The Emergency Room Begging God To Spare Your Life

First I saw this dog's face. Then I saw a Photoshop of him as E.T. Then I screamed for 20 minutes.

The 20 Most Important Dogs At This Year's Sundance Film Festival

From a Chihuahua in snow boots to Christina Hendricks' new fluffy BFF, here are the up-and-coming pups we met at this year's festival in Park City, Utah. Movies? What movies?

30 Reasons Greyhounds Are Gentle Giants And You Should Adopt One

Many greyhounds around the country are rescued from dog racetracks, and now all they want to do is love you a lot.

Pug Vs. Baby: The Ultimate Battle

As easy stealing candy from a baby.

The 25 Cutest Corgi Puppies Currently Online

If you like corgi puppies, then you need this post.

21 Dogs Perfecting The Art Of Air Swimming

And it is one fine, adorable art.

The Friendship Between This Abandoned Dog And Paralyzed Cat Will Melt Your Heart

Further proof that animals have the biggest hearts ever.

This Is The Cutest Puppy Video Of The Day

This puppy imitating a siren might be the cutest thing on the internet right at this moment. If you get impatient, just fast forward to :11 and prepare yourself for immediate delight.

31 GIFs Of Hot Guys Cuddling Puppies To Make You Smile

Instant joy. This'll cheer you up.

19 Pups Who Know How A Snow Day Is Done

Talk about making a snow into a snow cone.

This Is What A Wind-Up Pug Looks Like

A very talented pug indeed.

This Amazing Dog With A Mustache Deserves Your Complete Attention


This Corgi And His Newborn Baby Sister Are The Cutest New Friends

There's literally nothing like a corgi and a baby. When Reddit user banpeiSF brought his newborn daughter home, he was worried that his pet Corgi, Wilbur, wouldn't accept the new addition to the family. Three weeks later, it's clear that these two are going to be best friends for life.

This Adorable Food Blog Combines Recipes And Begging Pugs

Grubbin' Pugs is basically everything you need all in one blog.

Meet T-Rex, The Two-Legged Chiweenie Who Will Steal Your Heart

Half the legs, twice the cute. There's just no getting around it.

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