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The Ketchup Fountain

The ideal way to dispense ketchup. I will have this at my wedding and my funeral.

Exclusive Look: The Art Of Valve

What do Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2 and Portal all have in common? Other than being wicked awesome games? Each one is getting a glimpse of their character origins in Valve Presents.

Epic Sword Dancing

All of the wonderful elements here combine to create the most beautiful and eloquent music video I've ever seen.

32 Fascinating Outfits From China Fashion Week

So outlandish and yet so pretty. Fashion Week in China might not get the coverage of New York and Milan but that doesn't mean the ten day event isn't chocked full of fancy ensembles.

Exploding Objects

Alan Sailer creates art by blasting food and ornaments with a rifle and capturing the impact on a camera and flash he built in his garage. The flash is triggered when the pellet from an air rifle passes through a laser beam. (via)

"The Hunger Games" Character Posters Revealed

May the odds of these actors being awesome be ever in your favor. Brought together from eight separate websites, here is the first look at many of the major players for "The Hunger Games".

Protestors Hug Riot Policemen

These photos are sweet, but they scare me. There is something about riot gear that makes me think bad things are about to happen. Oh yeah, maybe because it's called "riot" gear.

Steven Tyler's New Face

Steven Tyler is recovering after passing out in the shower of his South America hotel room from food poisoning and dehydration. This is NOT a Halloween costume. He lost two teeth!

Edible Spray Paint

Now you too can live out the fantasy of being King Midas. Food Finish was created as a tasteless (in more than one sense) way to spruce up boring meals at dinner parties.

New Black Keys Music Video: "Lonely Boy"

The Black Keys have done it again. Their new album hits December 6th, and the video for their first single "Lonely Boy" is amazing.

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