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The 20 Best Winning Photos from the International Photography Awards 2011

The International Photography Awards are sponsored by the Lucie Foundation, whose mission is to discover innovative photography, honor great photographers, and promote photography in general. This year, they received 8,000 submissions. A whopping 70 jurors judged these submissions. Let's take a gander at the 20 best award-winning photos. (more at America's Best Blogger.)

10 Freaky Hyperrealistic Human Sculptures

As awesome as these are, they might give me nightmares. Click the images to learn more about the artists and see more of their works.

30 Cakes That Look Like Other Things

Many of these cakes look too good to be true. Or too real to be eaten. That is, unless you have a particular penchant for pugs, shoes, and dragons.

The Dark Knight Rices

It's basically The Dark Knight Rises poster with rice.

Sightseeing In France

I see what you did there. Freud would be proud.

Rad Harry Potter Fan-Art

Warning: Spoilers! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II coming up, lots of people are creating art that is Potter related. Gallery Nucleus is doing a Harry Potter Tribute for instance. A lot of the art in this post is from that, but quite a bit is from elsewhere. Enjoy all the Magical fan-art! (via The Uniblog)

43 Harry Potter Themed Cakes

From Hogwarts to Hedwig, these cakes have got virtually everything in the Harry Potter universe covered. It's pretty difficult to believe that these were baked without the use of magic. (Excuse me, sorry, I had to.)

Animated Tattoo Via iPhone Augmented Reality App

Tattooing to the extreme. This has got to be the best bar trick to impress people, as long as your iPhone battery doesn't die.

40 Alright Drawings Using MS Paint

Lately "MS Paint" related posts seem to be circling the Internet calling back to a much simpler time of the early web when people were pretty easily impressed. The problem with this is that the pictures would never be popular if they didn't have the tag "made in MS Paint." But instead of trying to fight the trend I've decided to join it and offer a somewhat definitive list of MS drawings that are actually pretty good.

30 Once In A Lifetime Photographs

Sometimes photographers have to wait days for an amazing shot and other times they get extremely lucky. Although it is unclear which of the two happened with these 30 photographs, it is clear that all of them will only come around once in a lifetime. Make sure to add any of your own favorites in the comments.

Baked Goods Inspired By Angry Birds

I'm not sure that I feel Angry Birds truly warrants making complicated cakes and cupcakes, but apparently a lot of other people do. Never have furious avians and neon green pigs looked tastier.

Amazing Cut Out Harry Potter Art

I am totally in love with Brittney Lee's cut out creations, and in particular these Harry Potter pieces. They are skillfully cut, and I adore her aesthetics.

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