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10 Freaky Hyperrealistic Human Sculptures

As awesome as these are, they might give me nightmares. Click the images to learn more about the artists and see more of their works.

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  • 1. The Old Man

    The Old Man

    Marc Sijans sculptures are homages to humanitys fascination with its own forms a fascination which has compelled artists throughout the millennia to mirror life in virtually every medium. Link

  • 2. Freak Of Nature

    Freak Of Nature

    Patricia Piccinini Works with several fabricators to produce them, the fictional characters are placed alongside more traditional human sculptures in an arresting visual contrast. Yet, in most cases, the human and monster forms are positioned to exhibit an air of bonding, love, and companionship in general.Link

  • 3. The Girl Next Door

    The Girl Next Door

    Carole A. Feuerman is an American artist most known for her resin sculptures painted in oil, but also utilizes other media such as bronze and stone. Link

  • 4. Old Person's Home

    Old Person's Home

    Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, two of Chinas most popular and controversial artists! The dynamic duo, infamous for working with unconventional materials such as human tissue, live animals, and infant cadavers, enjoy forcing viewers to question their perceptions of death, and the human experience, and often do so in a shocking and grotesque manner.

  • 5. Insomniac


    Sam Jinks makes the skin look like skin, which is luminous and penetrated by light. You could imagine seeing pores and follicles if you took a microscope to the surface.

  • 6. I'm Melting

    I'm Melting

    Peruvian sculptor Emil Alzamora enjoys exaggerating and distorting the human form in the name of his beautiful and unique creations.

  • 7. I Can Hear You Calling Me A Freak

    I Can Hear You Calling Me A Freak

    Korean Sculptor Xooang Chois latest works might reasonably include words like disturbing, mysterious, possibly even frightening, yet these reactions only point to the tip of an iceberg whose depths reveal social, political, and human pathology based issues.

  • 8. I Am Made Out Of Junk

    I Am Made Out Of Junk

    Dario Tironi makes sculptures out of calculators, old cell phones, golf balls, action figures, computer cables, Coke bottles, and even old baby dolls are used to create artistic aggregates that resemble life-like human forms.

  • 9. I Am Not A Human Being

    I Am Not A Human Being

    Artist Jamie Salmon- I like to use the human form as a way of exploring the nature of what we consider to be real and how we react when our visual perceptions of this reality are challenged.

  • 10. My Baby Is Not Human

    My Baby Is Not Human

    Ronald Mueck sculptures are fabricated using mixed techniques, and reproduce human figures in a hyper-realistic way. Link