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Nov 2015
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    b45ad60c99 commented on Tell Us About The Most Shocking Thing You Saw Happen At A Holiday Party

    We were all playing a sort of charades game at the holiday part (and had a few drinks) when one of my coworkers got the word nut. Instead of pretending to be a squirrel or something she pretended to perform front of 3 of our bosses. They were good sports about it but… 


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    b45ad60c99 commented on 14 Quick Stories Of People’s Glitch In The Matrix Experiences That’ll Freak You Out

    This was a few years ago, roughly summer of 2013. I was visiting my then-boyfriend in Norfolk Virginia and we were running some errands. We parked in a shopping center right in front of the store. As we collected ourselves to get out and go inside, I notice a couple walking in front… 


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    b45ad60c99 commented on What's Your Favorite TV Show Or Movie To Watch On Netflix Hungover?

    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt ! The entire cast is so charming, the plot so original and the jokes are actually funny. Very easy to watch and just light enough that you don’t have to work too hard to stay engaged.


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    b45ad60c99 commented on Tell Us What Was The Very First Album That You Ever Bought

    I was about 5 years old, shopping with my mother at a BJs wholesale club, when I saw Aqua’s CD and insisted that I had to have it. I learned all the songs by heart over the years. Eventually, maybe by 12 or 13, I realized how incredibly ~adult~ some of the lyrics were. Barbie Girl… 


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    b45ad60c99 commented on Have You Ever Combined Sex And Food?

    So i had just started seeing this guy, and we bonded over being the adventurous type. When it came to planning a date, he was stumped. I told him id come over in a trench coat with a cake and his job was to find a tarp and see where we end up. Fast forward. It was german chocolate… 


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    b45ad60c99 commented on What Was Your Most Regrettable Beauty Moment?

    Once I thought I'd use a pair of craft scissors to give myself a trim ~~down there~~ and I quickly learned what noise cutting off a piece of your privates sounds like. It's kind of like ripping a thick sheet of paper. Needless to say, I walked around with an uneven bush for some time… 


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