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    15 Times Leighton Meester's Character In "EXmas" Was So Perfectly Chaotic I Laughed Out Loud

    Always with a glass of wine in hand.

    First of all, if you haven't seen EXmas yet, go watch it here first if you don't want any spoilers. Then come back so we can talk about Leighton Meester's character in the movie.

    ali with wine biting her lip

    As a refresher, Leighton plays Ali, the ex-fiancée of Graham (played by Robbie Amell), who was invited to spend the holidays with Graham's family after Graham said he wouldn't be coming home. Of course, Graham shows up after all and drama ensues.

    On the moral alignment spectrum, I can't tell if Ali is more chaotic good or chaotic evil but I was either cackling or identifying with her in every single scene.

    First, there's relatable, chaotic good Ali:

    1. Like when she drinks her little glass of wine alone as she prepares little bags of gingerbread for her friends.

    leighton drinking alone and bagging up cookies in exmas

    2. Or when she always forgets her phone when she leaves the house because she's too in the moment to be thinking about technology.

    ali walks out the door and says i forgot my phone

    3. When her fiancée moves in with her and she already has the celebratory glasses of wine ready before he's finished carrying the boxes in.

    ali holds wine while graham carries boxes into house

    4. When we find out she has an irrational fear of goats grounded in childhood trauma.

    5. When she cruises into Price Busters in her Christmas pajamas and robe to buy a replacement baby Jesus for her ex-mother-in-law's nativity scene.

    ali and graham in price busters

    6. When Ali hides after Graham's mom bursts into the room the morning after they spend the night together — but still manages to sneak a pastry from the breakfast tray his mom brought in so she can stress-eat it under the covers.

    scene of person under bed sneaking a pastry while mother talks to son on bed

    7. And then after Jeannie leaves, Ali sits up and finds a crumb on her shoulder and finishes that off, too.

    Now let's explore chaotic evil Ali:

    8. First, the fact that when her ex in-laws invited her for the holidays she took them up on the offer, and then when her ex showed up to his own family home she didn't immediately leave.

    ali looking daydreamy next to christmas tree

    9. And then she makes a bet with Graham that he'll be the one who is asked to leave by Christmas morning and she'll be allowed to stay — because his family likes her more.

    ali pouts her lips as she shakes hands with graham

    10. When she gets so into game night that her extremely competitive side emerges...

    the family plays scrabble at a table with snacks

    11. ...and then she upsets her ex mother-in-law while playing Werewolf by swearing on the "spirit of Christmas" that she isn't a werewolf when really she is, and then rubbing it in everyone's face.

    ali holds up a card and scrunches her face

    12. When she pranks her ex by tricking him into flooding the toilet, and then swoops in with the "missing" plunger to save the day.

    ali walking through christmas decorated house

    13. Or when she tries to sabotage Graham's chances at love with another person.

    ali holds candy can and makes taunting face

    14. And then makes a very awkward attempt to be sexy with another guy to make Graham jealous.

    ali hugging guy while graham and his date look on

    15. Finally, every time she taunts Graham because people like her more than they like him.

    Ali grins from across room at a work christmas event

    That's the end of my investigation into the chaos of Ali's personality. Overall, despite her evil moments, I loved her.

    If you haven't seen EXmas yet, you can watch it here now for free on Freevee!