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    Leighton Meester Is Starring In A New Holiday Rom-Com And The Trailer Just Dropped

    Who doesn't love some chaotic Christmas romance?

    Nothing marks the start of the holiday season like a holiday rom-com trailer drop, and oh do we have a good one for you today!

    mother and daughter look shocked by christmas tree

    This year, as one of our holiday treats, we have EXmas, starring none other than Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl. She plays Ali, a sweet but fierce professional baker.

    leighton meester laughs with wine

    It also stars Robbie Amell, who you might recognize from Upload and who does look quite handsome in a Christmas sweater. He plays Graham, a work-obsessed game designer.

    robbie amell in christmas sweater

    Here's what we know so far: Ali and Graham were once engaged, but now are no longer together. And they are not on good terms.

    meester and amell proposal by lake

    But do you know who is still on good terms? Ali and Graham's awesome family. They love her.

    leighton meester putting decoration on tree

    Graham's parents ask their now-single son if he's coming home for Christmas, but he decides to not join because he has something more important to attend to: a work deadline.

    Of course, Graham decides at the last minute to show up unannounced — and discovers his parents have invited his ex-fiancée to Christmas instead, not realizing he'd be coming.

    The exes don't really want to spend the holidays together, nor do they want to be the one that has to leave. Given that there is some question about which of them is more liked by the family, they make a bet to see who will be the one asked to leave by Christmas morning.

    ali and graham fighting

    Hilarity ensues, as it likely would if you were forced to spend Christmas with your ex.

    family playing games at christmas

    I'm here for it. Let the games begin!

    cheersing around a christmas table

    As they prank and compete with each other to try to make the other person flee and go back home, unresolved feelings start to reemerge, because of course.

    Will these two sort out their issues before the end of the holidays? We'll have to wait until the movie drops to find out. But it's a holiday rom-com so we know that no matter what happens, it's going to be cute and heartwarming.

    Meester and Amell

    Not only do we love a chaotic holiday romance, but we also love a story where exes unexpectedly collide and need to figure out their issues.

    graham shaking christmas present and says hope it's not another ex!

    EXmas has it all, and the best part is it's a BuzzFeed Studios and Freevee Original, so you'll be able to watch it for FREE!

    exmas title page nov 17

    EXmas will premiere exclusively on Freevee in the US, UK, Germany and Austria on Nov. 17. Watch the full trailer here:

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