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30 Incredible Once In A Lifetime Shots

Think about all the incredible things you miss each day.

1. A pilot ejects moments before his plane crashes in Alberta, Canada.

2. Nik Wallenda's Tightrope Walk Over Niagara Falls.

3. A boy finds out what happens when you mix Diet Coke and Mentos.

4. Six lightning strikes captured at once on Lake Michigan.

5. A great white shark becomes airborne in Cape Town, South Africa.

6. The moment before splashdown.

7. A statue of Buddha captures a commercial airliner by its tail.

8. A curious whale shark visits with a boat.

9. Traffic stops as over 5,000 ducks cross a road in Zhejiang, China.

10. A sloth photobombs a group of students in Costa Rica.

11. Snowboarder Tyler Chorlton pulls off the highest of fives.

12. The moment a huge bubble bursts in Paris, France.

13. A European roe deer caught mid-jump.

14. Space shuttle Discovery being launched into orbit as skydivers descend.

15. Praying mantis takes on a bird.

16. A stunt plane does its best impression of Christ the Redeemer.

17. A statue of an angel summons a rain cloud.

18. The dock under a wedding party gives way the moment their picture was taken.

19. The moment after an M-41 Saber Weapon System launches a TOW Missile.

20. Fireworks, a comet, and a lightning strike, all in one frame.

21. A flock of flamingoes makes one big flamingo.

22. A polyphemus moth rests in a human skull.

23. Bubble eyes!

24. A bird makes a meal delivery.

25. The moon rises over the Olympic games in London.

26. One lucky speeder gets a little help from a bird.

27. A mid-air explosion over a mock landing operation in Seoul, South Korea.

28. A roller coaster in Seaside Heights, New Jersey becomes submerged after Hurricane Sandy destroys the pier it sat on.

29. Baby Canada geese leave the nest for the first time.