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    64 Completely True Facts Only Nerds Will Appreciate

    These facts are amazing, uncanny, ultimate, spectacular, friendly neighborhood, and every other adjective that has ever preceded a comic book title.

    1. The font Comic Sans is based on Dave Gibbons' lettering in the Watchmen comic books. (He calls the font "dreadful.")

    2. Depending on the type, the symbols used to censor words in comic books are called jarns, quips, nittles or grawlixes. Most of the terms have just been lumped under the blanket term, grawlixes.

    3. The world's largest comic book collection belongs to the Library of Congress. They currently hold over 100,000 individual issues.

    4.Nicolas Coppola took his stage name, Nic Cage, from the Marvel character Luke Cage.

    5.Comic book letterers avoid words like "Clint" and "flick" because during printing the letters can run together, making the words look like profanity.

    6. When the comics code was created, it prohibited judges and law enforcement agents from being depicted negatively.

    7. It also prevented comics from being sold at newsstands unless the hero won at the end of the book.

    8. There was a superhero in the 1940s called the Green Lama who was a practicing Buddhist. One of his powers was reincarnation.

    9. The 1940s superhero called Red Bee fought nazis using trained bees. His favorite bee was named Michael, and lived in Red Bee's belt buckle.

    10. Our universe actually exists in the Marvel multiverse. Our Earth is Earth-1218.

    11. Michael Jackson wanted to play Spider-Man in a movie, so he tried to buy Marvel comics in the '90s.

    12. Marvel got around a law that increases taxes on toys that resemble humans by claiming that X-Men figures were mutants, not humans.

    13. There is a company in the Marvel universe called "Damage Control" that specializes in cleaning up after villains and heroes.

    14. Technically, Gotham City is in New Jersey, and Metropolis is in Delaware.

    15. Wayne Enterprises, which is controlled by Batman's alter ego, Bruce Wayne, owns The Daily Planet, the newspaper that Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent, works for.

    16. In an alternate timeline of Spider-man, an elderly Mary Jane Watson gets cancer and dies because of Peter Parker's irradiated sperm.

    17. Spider-man has a hyphen in it so that people don't confuse him with Superman.

    18. Marvel once collaborated on a Spider-Man comic with Planned Parenthood that discouraged teens from having unprotected sex.

    19. In an alternate reality, Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive sheep, turning him into a hero named Sheep-Boy.

    20. An issue of Wolverine was once released with an ethnic slur printed in it when the letterer of the book misread the word "killer."

    21. At one point, Wolverine's origin story was that he was an actual wolverine, who was genetically mutated and evolved by a villain named High Evolutionary.

    22. Spock from Star Trek has taken on Wolverine in a battle. Spock won.

    23. The character Nightcrawler appears to have blue skin, but is actually covered in fine blue fur.

    24. Cyclops's eyes are actually portals to a non-Einsteinian universe, and his optic blasts are energy from that alternate universe escaping into our own.

    25. The X-Man Dazzler was actually created to serve as a multi-media cross-promotion between Casablanca Records and Marvel Comics. She was originally planned to have a real life equivalent with a record and a movie, but both were scrapped.

    26. The program Weapon X, which created Wolverine, is actually meant to be read as "Weapon 10." Captain America is "Weapon 1."

    27. There are over 50 Iron Man suits. One suit is made out of the same metal at Thor's hammer, and another was designed to take down Hulk.

    28. The Avenger Squirrel Girl is actually one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel universe. She has defeated both Doctor Doom and Thanos.

    29. Captain America has recently earned the title "the first Avenger," despite the fact that he wasn't even in the original Avengers line-up.

    30. Iron Man used to regularly use roller skates that were build into his suit.

    31. The Hulk was originally gray, but Marvel changed him to green after problems with ink in their presses.

    32. In the 1970s, Captain America witnessed Richard Nixon committing suicide shortly after the Watergate scandal.

    33. DC once claimed that fewer people saw through Clark Kent's disguise because the lenses of his glasses are made with Kryptonian glass, and amplify a passive hypnosis ability that allows Clark Kent to control how others see him.

    34. They also claim that Clark Kent compresses his spine while in disguise, so he'll appear shorter than Superman.

    35. There are over 20 different types if Kryptonite, including Pink Kryptonite, which gives Superman gay tendencies.

    36. Superman once wielded Thor's hammer, after being deemed worthy of the honor in a crossover event between the Justice League of America and the Avengers.

    37. At one point, Superman didn't fly, but was instead "able to leap tall buildings in a single bound." The power was changed to flight at the request of the animators of a Superman cartoon in the 1940s, who found the repetitive jumping too difficult to animate.

    38. The word 'braniac' comes from the Superman villain of the same name.

    39. Superman once has his mind controlled by a villain named Sleez, who tricked the hero into recording a sex tape.

    40. DC's current most popular character, Batman, was nearly killed off in the 1960s due to low sales.

    41. Batman actually has 8 different Batcaves. One is located directly under Arkham Asylum.

    42. Arkham Asylum from the Batman comic books gets its name from the Arkham Sanitarium from the fictional town of Arkham, Massachusetts, created by H.P. Lovecraft.

    43. At one point, Batman's faithful butler, Alfred, served as bumbling comic relief. He also had not idea that Bruce Wayne was Batman.

    44. It would cost about $300 million for someone to be a real-life Batman. The physical toll would likely kill that person in just a few years.

    45. The popular Batman villain Harley Quinn was actually first created for the '90s Batman animated series.

    46. The Joker once served as the Iranian ambassador for the United Nations.

    47. The yellow oval that is sometimes seen as part of Batman's symbol was originally created to get around trademark issues. Writer Frank Miller gave the symbol a reason to exist within the comics, however, when he said the bright yellow made an easy shooting target, and the chest section of Batman's suit is reinforced.

    48. Joss Whedon's series Buffy the Vampire Slayer is heavily influenced by Whedon's love of comic books. Buffy Summers takes her name from Scott Summers, the alter ego of Cyclops from the X-Men. There are also scenes in the series where characters can be seen dressed as comic book heroes, such as Power Girl.

    49. Because the Green Lantern Corps has representatives from each sector of space, there's actually a Vulcan Green Lantern.

    50. There's also a predator from the film Predator in the Sinestro Corps.

    51. There is a member of the Green Lantern Corps that is a sentient math equation.

    52. There's also a member of the Green Lantern Corps that has no concept of light, and is therefore in the F-Sharp Bell Corps.

    53. Deadpool's "medium awareness," which allows him to recognize that he is a fictional character in a comic book, is thought to be a side effect of the experiments that gave him his super powers.

    54. Deadpool, whose real name is Wade Wilson, was created as a parody of the DC character Deathstroke, whose real name is Slade Wilson.

    55. The creator of Wonder Woman (and her lasso of truth) also helped create the first lie detector.

    56. Adolph Hitler is alive and well in the Marvel universe. His consciousness has been transferred into a clone, and he now goes by the name Hate-Monger.

    57. Clark Kent exists in the Marvel universe. He has been depicted as a mild-mannered reporter. (And that's it.)

    58. Loki's first appearance in Marvel comic books predates Thor's first appearance by about 13 years.

    59. Powdered Toast Man, from the cartoon The Ren and Stimpy Show, is officially a character in the Marvel universe. He once fought Spider-Man.

    60. There is a Marvel character named Death's Head who has made appearances in Transformers and Doctor Who, connecting the three universes.

    61. Musician Eminem once appeared in the Marvel universe. The Punisher protected the rapper from an assassin hired by the Parents Music Council.

    62. There is a character in the Marvel universe named A-1 Sauce.

    63. The iconic villain Red Skull was almost a living hot fudge sundae, appropriately named Hot Fudge.

    64. Galactus the World-Eater actually appears differently to each sentient species that sees him. The only reason he looks like a human to people in the Marvel universe is because they are human.

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