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    31 Problem-Solving Products That You'll Use Over And Over Again

    These won't wind up buried in basement with your other gadgets.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A copper tongue scraper that you'll (hopefully) use as often as your other dental products — because daily oral hygiene can include more than just brushing, flossing, and rinsing.

    a woman using a copper tongue scraper

    2. A pack of microfiber cloths to remove your makeup every night with as few swipes as possible.

    3. An eyeliner stamp that'll make creating matching wings so effortless it'll become your signature look.

    4. A portable laptop desk if you don't have the space (or the money) for a real desk. Or if you just prefer working from the couch but need something that still makes you feel like a productive adult.

    a person working on a computer that is placed on top of the portable desk in their lap

    5. Vacuum storage bags that'll become an essential part of your spring cleaning routine. These things are also great for people who move a lot.

    6. A clothes folder – it's so easy to use you might decide to save some money on drop-off service and do your own laundry from now own (since we all know folding is usually the worst part).

    a white shirt being folded on a blue folder

    7. And a drain snake so you can save even more money on plumber bills whenever your sink needs unclogging.

    a drain snake covered in grime and hair after being used to clean a shower drain

    8. A day-of-the-week pill organizer, which is specifically designed to be used more than once. It has two compartments for each day (which is great for people who have both a.m. and p.m. medications), and it's also color-coded!

    a pill organizer filled with various medications

    9. A super loud, vibrating alarm clock for anyone who needs instant chaos in the morning to get them out of bed. It'll be a staple of your daily routine, and probably the bane of your partner's existence.

    a woman sleeping near an alarm clock

    10. A habit calendar, which, again, exists solely for reuse. You can track the daily progress you've made in just about any area of your life — like how many times you used each product on this wonderful list.

    a hand filling out a habit calendar

    11. A zipper puller to zip the back of your dress even when there's no one home to help. I truly hope whoever invented this product is a multimillionaire, enjoying a life of leisure and luxury on an obscenely large yacht somewhere, because this is brilliant.

    a zipper puller attached to a black zipper on a red top

    12. A door knob organizer for people who can never seem to remember to grab their keys when they leave the house...

    the red door organizer hanging from a door knob outside of someone's home

    13. A very meta bookmark that'll help people with ambitious 2021 reading lists keep track of every book they've finished.

    14. A set of very modern-looking geometric trays that are so versatile you'll literally use them every day. These are perfect for people who don't have the storage space in their homes for multiple sets of trays for different occasions.

    the full set of trays holding a mug and a few coffee beans

    15. A Golden Girls dishwasher magnet you'll get great use out of if your roommates (elderly or otherwise) never feel compelled to let you know whether a load is clean or dirty. This will make it a whole lot easier for them to communicate with you.

    16. A six-pack of earplugs, which are essential for people who sleep next to loud snorers every night.

    a pack of earplugs photoshopped over a woman sleeping next to a snoring man with a pillow wrapped around her ears

    17. A bug bite thing (no, really, that's what it's called) to suck out all the nasty venom and saliva left behind by mosquitos each summer — that means less swelling and itching, and more fun in the sun!

    left: raised mosquito bite middle: the plunger-like device right: flattened bug bite with light circular mark around it

    18. A faucet grip that'll add size and leverage to any outdoor faucet, meant to help people with limited mobility who tend to have trouble with small handles.

    the faucet grip attached to a faucet

    19. An earwax remover to clean out all that gunk that you've neglected for years. This is something you'll forget you have in your medicine cabinet until you need to reuse it — but you'll never neglect this chore for that long again.

    20. A foot balm that'll help sooth chapped feet and prevent blisters, which is perfect for frequent hikers and runners.

    someone gliding the foot balm across the side of their left foot

    21. A colorful pack of leather cord organizers – it'll remain just as useful even as technology changes each year (we're unfortunately decades away from abolishing all wires).

    the leather cord organizers arranged in a color coordinated circle around a black organizer holding a white cord

    22. A bag carrier for people who are tired of torturing their fingers carrying groceries from the car to the front door every week.

    two people walking down the street carrying grocery bags with bag carriers

    23. A splatter screen if you're tired of being physically assaulted by hot grease popping off the pan every time you cook. Enough is enough!

    24. A prep-and-pour cutting board so all your freshly chopped ingredients make it to your meal instead of the kitchen counter.

    25. Or a snap-on colander if the spillage that haunts your home is more pasta-related.

    26. A plastic storage container that'll keep your produce fresh for weeks. These will NOT wind up stacked in the back of your kitchen cabinet like the rest of your containers.

    a before and after shot of an old looking strawberry and a fresh strawberry

    27. An electric jar-opener to make struggling over jar lids a thing of the past.

    28. A pet hair-removing roller that has a special lint-trapping surface that can be reused. There's no adhesive sheets!

    29. An electric fabric shaver to extend the shelf life of every pair of socks you own.

    30. A bitter but harmless clear polish that nail-biters will hopefully use every day until they never have to use it again.

    a before and after shot displaying nail growth

    31. A Diamond Dazzle Stik with a twist-to-dispense design that makes cleaning your jewelry so easy you'll do it just for fun.

    a split shore of a ring before and after being cleaned

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