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    34 Grooming Products That'll Make Getting Yourself Together Easy

    Being a person is hard enough. Being a well-groomed person shouldn't be equally as hard.

    1. A Schick Silk Touch-Up Tool you can use to remove peach fuzz and shape your eyebrows. It also works to exfoliate dead skin, and people with beards can even use it to trim the hair near their edges with as much precision as possible.

    2. A two-pack of stainless-steel tongue cleaners you'll (hopefully) use as often as your other dental products — because daily oral hygiene can include more than just brushing, flossing, and rinsing.

    a before and after set displaying a reviewer's tongue after using the tongue cleaner

    3. A L'Oreal *eight-second* lamellar water rinse-out treatment to give your hair out-of-this-world shine and softness, and it starts working after just one use. Reviewers say it's become a staple in their routines.

    4. A cruelty-free vitamin C serum that'll brighten and soften your skin while drastically reducing hyperpigmentation. The 44,000+ people who gave this serum a 5-star review love it so much there should be a fan club for it.

    5. A downright magical foot peel to shed all the dead skin that's been keeping you out of flip-flops for years.

    6. A quick-drying top coat – it's convinced some reviewers to never step foot in a nail salon again. It'll have your polish fully set within minutes, and it'll last a good while no matter how rough you are with your hands.

    7. A variety pack of 40 acne patches made with tea tree and calendula oil that'll basically redefine the way you think of "beauty sleep." Place this on before bed to draw all that pus and oil out of your pimples, and inflammation will go down by morning.

    8. A foot file you can use to touch up the skin around your heels. This thing will gently scrub away any dead skin or calluses and leave your heels feeling as smooth as a baby's bottom — or, ya know, their actual heels.

    Before image of a cracked foot with an after image of the skin smooth

    9. An anti-dandruff shampoo to save you from having to shell out a co-pay at a dermatologist's office. Whether you have a relatively mild case of dandruff or your scalp and shoulders resemble the Swiss Alps during ski season, this thing will become a staple of your shower routine.

    A reviewer with large dandruff clumps that have disappeared after using the shampoo

    10. Or a bottle of sulfate-free Biotin shampoo infused with tea tree, jojoba, and argan oils to help treat hair loss. This is a potential option for folks whose hair is thinning a bit sooner than expected, or people simply looking to go a few extra rounds with Father Time.

    A reviewer photo showing hair that's regrown after looking very thin

    11. This extreme lash mascara to make you look super attentive (and glamorous) during those back-to-back Zoom meetings — even if you're actually bored out of your mind.

    buzzfeed writer's face with one set of eyelashes with no product on and the other wearing the mascara looking longer and darker

    12. A four-pack of big claw clips, which is basically the equivalent of having extra pairs of big ol' hands to keep your hair up as you wash your face or apply makeup.

    13. Or this chic Machete claw clip if you'd like to support a woman-owned small business.

    14. A box of fine line-reducing face masks that'll tighten your pores and lift your skin. Be prepared to be a little freaked out at first when you see yourself in the mirror and realize you look like an extra from The Walking Dead with this mask on. But once you take it off, it'll all be worth it.

    15. A CeraVe moisturizing cream for folks with sensitive skin and even more sensitive budgets. Both reviewers on Amazon and contributors here at BuzzFeed love how gentle this moisturizer feels compared to more expensive products. It's also a great place to start if you're new to skincare and want to experiment with a super accessible brand, especially if you struggle with particularly dry skin.

    16. A wildly popular Wet brush that's absolutely earned its cult following. If you're looking for something that'll detangle your stubborn (yet somehow very tender) head of hair without feeling like someone is trying to yank gorilla glue off your scalp, this brush is for you.

    17. Or this rose quartz crystal comb for spiritually inclined folks looking to detangle their hair.

    The pink rose quartz comb

    18. A bitter but harmless clear polish that's so unpleasant you'll chew on a jean jacket before wanting to bite your nails again.

    a before and after photo set displaying a reviewer's nail growth after using the clear polish

    19. A jar of O'Keeffe's Working Hands Lotion for anyone whose newfound commitment to the gym has also come with an unexpected commitment to calluses and cracked skin. This is also a lifesaver for people who've been washing their hands more than ever since the pandemic started and are experiencing more dryness than usual.

    20. And a moisturizing lavender and coconut hand soap to help keep your frequently washed hands from getting dry in the first place.

    Kids using the nozzle on the soap to dispense it

    21. A satin pillowcase because, just like your skincare routine, haircare doesn't stop when you go to sleep. These pillowcases will help prevent the frizz and breakage that's usually caused by regular cotton pillowcases — which means your hair could be much healthier in the long run.

    A model reclining on the pinky-brown satin pillowcase

    22. A bottle of CND Essentials nail and cuticle Solaroil so that broken and peeling nails will be a thing of the past.

    a before and after photo set displaying a reviewer's nail growth after using the solaroil

    23. An itsy bitsy toenail brace to flatten out your curved nails and prevent them from jabbing into your skin and becoming ingrown.

    24. A painless battery-charged hair remover you can use to simply glide over fine hair above your lip or between your brows if you don't trust your hands with razors or other sharp tools.

    25. A bottle of earwax removal drops to clean out all that gunk that you've neglected for years. This is something you'll forget you have in your medicine cabinet until you need to use it — but you'll never neglect this chore for that long again.

    26. A tub of rejuvenating eye cream to firm up those bags under your eyes that you got from reading BuzzFeed shopping posts all night when you should have been getting your beauty sleep. That wasn't a wise choice, but who are we to judge?

    27. A pack of makeup-remover cloths that'll take off your makeup with as few swipes as possible — whether you're someone who typically wears a lot or not very much at all. This will also help minimize breakouts and make you feel generally fresher before bed each night.

    a reviewer's face with the left side painted to look like a skeleton and the right side bare

    28. A scalp massager shampoo brush to use in the shower for a deep and exfoliating wash that'll also relieve some stress at the same time.

    29. A pack of peppermint and eucalyptus oil shower steamers that'll create a relaxing and aromatic grooming experience as you soak and scrub your troubles away. This will also help open up your sinuses if you suffer from springtime allergies!

    The green flower-shaped tablets, which come in a pouch

    30. A pack of wart remover bandages that have saved reviewers a ton of money at the doctor's office, as well as a decent amount of inconvenience — and it works super quick!

    reviewer showing their wart slowly going away over 15 days of using Compound W

    31. A tonsil stone remover to get rid of that thing most people don't realize is the cause of their bad breath. Reviewers say you'd be amazed at how well this product works. It has a built-in LED light so you can easily locate the tonsil stone, and a syringe to help you wash up when you're done removing it.

    32. A hilarious Shrek toothpaste cap that turns the ogre's giant green butt into a toothpaste dispenser. What better way is there to remind yourself to brush your teeth before bed than purchasing something that's guaranteed to make you smile?

    33. A beard comb that doubles as a bottle opener to make sure that luxurious mane on your face is well groomed before cracking that IPA open at your local bar — ya know, for optimal hipster coolness.

    the bottle opener beard comb

    34. A Crown Affair towel that's made with waffle microfiber material to reduce how long it takes for your hair to dry *and* an elastic strap that secures the towel around your head — so when you hit that celebratory backflip upon discovering how comfortable this thing feels, it's sure to stay in place.

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