This Video Of A Sick Baby Gorilla Being Reunited With Her Mother Is All A Bit Too Much To Take

After almost two weeks of constant veterinarian care, due to a collapsed lung and pneumonia, the 12-day-old baby gorilla was physically introduced to her mother.

1. The baby gorilla, born via c-section at the San Diego Zoo, was finally reunited with her mother, Imani, after 12 days in veterinarian care.

San Diego Zoo / Via

Since the physical introduction yesterday, Imani has been constantly cradling and carrying the baby around.

2. The San Diego Zoo couldn’t hold back tears during the introduction.

3. The reunion came almost two weeks after the baby gorilla was put under constant veterinarian with a collapsed lung.


4. The collapsed lung led to the little baby gorilla struggling with a bout of pneumonia.

San Diego Zoo


AP Photo/San Diego Zoo Safari Park/Matt Gelvin

Associate director of veterinary services at the park, Nadine Lamberski, said last week the unnamed gorilla is developing quickly and normally after undergoing surgery for a collapsed lung.

6. Stay strong, little baby gorilla.

San Diego Zoo / Via Flickr: sdzooglobal

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