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Updated on Nov 24, 2018. Posted on Jun 19, 2017

Can We Guess What Your Pubes Look Like Based On Some Of Your Lifestyle Choices?

You need a bush.

  1. Out of these mainstream music festivals, which would you choose to go to?

  2. Which store do you trust the most with your produce?

  3. Which store would you rather shop in?

  4. Have you recently littered?
    (Be honest, please.)

  5. Have you ever received a lap dance at a strip club?

  6. Are you a vegan or a vegetarian?

  7. What type of physical activity do you enjoy the most?

  8. Do you recycle?

  9. Pasture-raised or grass-fed?

  10. Does kombucha nauseate you?

  11. Pick an ice cream flavor

  12. Pick a brand of bottled water

  13.  Do you have any tattoos?

  14. Do you smoke cigarettes?

  15. Pick a cheesy, overused quote

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