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Take This Quiz And We'll Tell You If You're More Don Lemon Or Jake Tapper

Not fake news.

  1. Pick a place to visit.

  2. Pick a time.

  3. Somebody tweets you something completely disrespectful and hostile. How do you respond?

  4. You're in the midst of an on-air interview, and the congressperson you're speaking to makes an outrageously idiotic claim. How do you react?

  5. Has Van Jones ever tweeted that you're a God?

  6. Have you ever gotten a piercing on national television in the thick of a wild New Year's Eve?

  7. Has your chiseled, famous face ever become a widespread meme and "reactionary" Twitter photo?

  8. Did you identify as a republican in college?

  9. Pick the top of a head.

  10. Have you ever gone on a date with Monica Lewinsky?

  11. Is your last name a zesty fruit?

  12. Have you ever stood next to a real-life llama?

  13. Do you wear prescription glasses?

  14. When it comes to untruths being spewed by the government, do you refer to them as "falsehoods" or "lies"?

  15. Pick a food.

  16. Choose your ideal Friday night.

  17. Would you say you're feisty?

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