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Posted on Jun 22, 2017

Are You A Good Or Bad Emailer?


  1. Email etiquette?

  2. Choose a common, everyday email host

  3. Choose an uncomfortable email send-off that, when given some thought, makes absolutely no sense

  4. Choose a subject line for a follow-up email to your coworker who blatantly ignored your previous emails

  5. In an ordinary email, how many exclamation marks do you allow yourself?

  6. How long, on average, does it take you to respond to an email?

  7. How often do you accidentally click "reply" instead of "reply all" in an important group email, thus derailing the entire chain and angering everybody involved?

  8. Choose a noninvasive greeting that the recipient will surely roll their eyes at

  9. Choose a viable, somewhat believable excuse that'll convince whomever you ignored that you're sincerely sorry about it, even though you're not

  10. Is it OK to send an email in a font other than the basic, standard one that your email service provides?

  11. Choose a signature that sits idly beneath your text

  12. Is it OK to be funny in an email?

  13. Could your spam folder currently use some cleaning?

  14. Choose a phrase that lets the recipient know that there is, indeed, a file attached to this email

  15. Should we end emailing altogether?

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