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17 Things That'll Make Students Laugh, And Students From 15 Years Ago Say, "What?"

*begrudgingly checks Blackboard*

1. Students 15 years ago? They didn't have to bother with Blackboard.

2. They didn't have to worry about forgetting online quizzes.

3. Their blood pressure didn't soar when they submitted something to Turnitin.

4. They didn't have to trust a computer to grade their work.

5. They didn't understand the glory of a free textbook PDF.

6. Or Quizlet. Bless Quizlet.

7. They didn't have to experience MyMathLab.

8. They'll never know the challenges of posting on a discussion board.

9. Or the cruelty of the word counter.

10. (Also how to tip the word counter over the requirement.)

11. They didn't have to shell out a hundred bucks for, like, 14 letters printed on a paper to access their homework.

12. They didn't spend an afternoon spell-checking an email only to get an "ok."

13. They didn't have to worry about accidentally sending the wrong file.

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14. Or having an embarrassing email address, either.

15. They didn't get tempted by the internet.

16. Or distracted by Netflix.

17. In the end, the only thing that any student of any place and any time can all relate to is the sadness that comes with group projects.