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17 Things That'll Make Students Laugh, And Students From 15 Years Ago Say, "What?"

*begrudgingly checks Blackboard*

1. Students 15 years ago? They didn't have to bother with Blackboard.

brendanw73 / Via Twitter: @BrendanW73

2. They didn't have to worry about forgetting online quizzes.

nomnomnaan / Via

3. Their blood pressure didn't soar when they submitted something to Turnitin.

monica-geller / Via

4. They didn't have to trust a computer to grade their work.

andythelazysheep / Via

5. They didn't understand the glory of a free textbook PDF.

6. Or Quizlet. Bless Quizlet.

eli_miller33 / Via Twitter: @eli_miller33

7. They didn't have to experience MyMathLab.

smadaluemas / Via

8. They'll never know the challenges of posting on a discussion board.

andre_brownjr / Via Twitter: @Andre_BrownJr

9. Or the cruelty of the word counter.

his-quietus-make / Via

10. (Also how to tip the word counter over the requirement.)

11. They didn't have to shell out a hundred bucks for, like, 14 letters printed on a paper to access their homework.

dontbemaddy69 / Via Twitter: @dontbemaddy69

12. They didn't spend an afternoon spell-checking an email only to get an "ok."

ohmargosh / Via Twitter: @ohmargosh

13. They didn't have to worry about accidentally sending the wrong file.

ceeblathers / Via

14. Or having an embarrassing email address, either.

lindaellerbee / Via

15. They didn't get tempted by the internet.

winbutleristheantichrist / Via

16. Or distracted by Netflix.

scottwesierski / Via Twitter: @scottwesierski

17. In the end, the only thing that any student of any place and any time can all relate to is the sadness that comes with group projects.

volcel-official / Via

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