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    17 Details And Easter Eggs At Disney's New "Ratatouille" Ride That Prove Nobody Has Attention To Detail Like Pixar Does

    Someone please tell me where Patton Oswalt's "Ratatouille" Oscar is.

    As part of their 50th anniversary celebration, Disney World just opened an expansion of their France pavilion at Epcot with a new Ratatouille-themed ride, Remy's Ratatouille Adventure.

    Because it's both Disney and Pixar, the attention to detail is next-level, so here are some teeny tiny things from both the land expansion and the attraction that are just so gosh darn delightful.

    1. The wallpaper in the ride looks paisley-esque, but a closer look reveals Remy and Emile, cheese, and the Eiffel tower in its design.

    2. The safety line when stepping out of your rat car is made up of teeny tiny pieces of cheese.

    3. Because you shrink down into a rat-size for the ride, you can easily see the transition of when you grow back by the change of tile sizes on the floor of the exit.

    4. In true Pixar fashion, the Pizza Planet truck is hidden at the top right of the first scene in the ride.

    5. Outside the ride, the Cave D'Ego shows that Anton Ego left behind his critic role and developed a line of wines.

    6. The dates on the three batches of wine in the window correspond to the date Ratatouille came out (2007), the date Remy's Ratatouille Adventure opened in Paris (2014), and the date it opened in Epcot (2021).

    7. Colette's scooter is parked outside.

    8. Next to it is the scooter Skinner rode to chase down Remy when he had proof of Linguini's heritage.

    9. On the wall is a plaque advertising health inspection services from the same inspector who got tied up and thrown in the fridge during the movie.

    10. The iron fences have decorative mice hidden in them.

    (If you, like me, had trouble spotting it, here ya go.)

    11. The sides of the sconces on the outside of the ride have hidden pieces of cheese.

    12. The sewer grates have an image of Remy on them sailing like he did through the grates in the movie: on the cookbook with a broken spatula as a paddle.

    13. The fountain at the center of the pavilion has little rat details, but the border of the rats is an actual animation sequence, meaning if you were to spin the whole fountain, each of the pictures sequentially would make it look like one rat running.

    14. Another teeny tiny detail about the fountain is that the water falls in the same way that the water falls from the fountain outside of Gusteau's in the movie.

    15. There are rat tracks in the ride's queue that lead from one end of the sidewalk to the bushes.

    16. Walking under the iron and glass gazebo marks your transition from realistic French architecture to Pixar French architecture, a subtley more cartoon-y design that looks like the movie (i.e. the adorably crooked gutters).

    17. Finally, since it's at Disney World, after all, you can peep a hidden Mickey in the signature of a work of art that you'll pass in the artist's loft when you head to the ride.

    Now that Ratatouille has gotten its ride, I have to ask...if you could make a Disney movie into a ride, which would it be? I would make the entrance of Yzma's lair from The Emperor's New Groove into a roller coaster. Let me hear your ideas in the comments below!