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    17 Props Famous Actors Took Home From Set

    Does Chris Hemsworth really need five hammers?

    1. Chadwich Boseman casually smuggled home T'Challa's Kimoyo beads from Black Panther.


    2. Rider Strong swiped Shawn's signature leather jacket from the set of Boy Meets World.


    3. Chris Hemsworth has five Mjolnirs scattered around his house that he took from his Thor movies.


    4. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul both took home Heisenberg hats from the set of Breaking Bad.


    5. Robert Downey Jr. has the giant Avengers "A" from Age of Ultron.


    6. Gareth Edwards, the director of Rogue One, stole the plans to the Death Star from the movie.

    Lucasfilm, Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

    7. Jason Momoa took bat bullets from the Batcave on the set of Justice League.


    8. And Ben Affleck stole a Batarang...but was billed for it when Warner Bros. found out.


    9. Mark Wahlberg still has his prosthetic junk from Boogie Nights.

    New Line Cinema

    10. Rory McCann took the Hound's swords from Game of Thrones, and they're currently hanging above his door in his house to ward off trouble.


    11. Andrew Garfield stole a Spider-Man costume.

    Columbia Pictures

    12. Simon Pegg pocketed the Starfleet badge that he wore on the set of Star Trek: Into Darkness.

    Paramount Pictures

    13. Daniel Radcliffe took home two pairs of Harry Potter's glasses, one from the first film and one from the last.

    Warner Bros.

    14. And Rupert Grint stole the number "4" from the Dursleys' Privet Drive home.

    Warner Bros.

    15. Sir Ian McKellen took the front door key to Bag End from the Lord of the Rings movies.

    New Line Cinema

    16. Robert Pattinson stole Edward's underwear from the set of all of the Twilight movies.

    Summit Entertainment

    17. And Nick Offerman took wood from the Parks and Recreation set to make canoe paddles for the people he worked with on the show.


    If you could swipe any movie prop from any movie set, what would you try to take? Tell us in the comments below!


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