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    17 Adorable Dogs That Came Out Of The Groomer Not Looking Like Dogs

    Nobody is immune from a bad haircut.

    1. This dog who looks like Eric Forman from That 70's Show.

    2. This pupper who looks like one of those football mascots with the head taken off.

    3. This poor little guy who looks like a ferret stuck in a toilet paper tube.

    4. This dog who looks like a fidget spinner.

    5. This doggo who looks like a young Justin Timberlake.

    6. This pupper who looks like Falkor the Luckdragon from The Neverending Story.

    7. This dog's butt, which looks like literally every explosion in Looney Tunes.

    8. This doggo who looks like he's wearing one of those hats with attached mittens that you get everyone in your family for Christmas.

    9. This dog who looks like this USB drive.

    10. This little doggy who looks more like a house-elf than a doggo.

    11. This pup who looks like George Sanderson from Monsters, Inc. after they discovered a sock on him.

    12. This floof who looks like he has a one-way ticket to Flavortown.

    13. This pupperino who looks like a water fountain.

    14. This little woof who looks like they have tassels attached to their head.

    15. This little dear who looks like they stole a wig from Lord Farquaad.

    16. This poor thing who has a mullet that rivals that of Joe Dirt.

    17. And finally, this pupper who looks like he swung from the chandelier just like Sia.