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    17 Horrifying Pictures Of The Ocean That Make Me Glad I Live On Land

    I have seen plenty of photos of the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean, but seeing a photo of the iceberg that sank it is, pardon the pun, chilling.

    1. This naval mine just casually chilling in the ocean. I've seen Finding Nemo, and I know to swim the hell away from these things, thank you.

    A submerged mine

    2. This giant squid that's like, "Hey, cool surfboard; I'll take it. You can't do anything about it because I have a million more suction cups than you."

    Squid tentacles going across a surfboard with a man on it

    3. The front of the Titanic that's too ominous to look at.

    Badly deteriorating skeleton of the ship

    4. And here's a photo I find even more ominous: It's the iceberg that sank the Titanic, taken by a passenger on the Carpathia, the rescue vessel that saved 705 Titanic passengers. I can't explain it, but the iceberg looks so casual??? It's scary.

    Black-and-white image of an iceberg in the distance

    5. This frilled shark that definitely looks like it wants to sell me bootleg DVDs.

    A "smiling" shark in the water

    6. This tongue-eating louse that lives in the ocean, enters through a fish's gills, eats its tongue, and REPLACES the tongue with itself.

    A large louse inside a fish's mouth where its tongue should be

    7. This blue hole that I know not to trust because I've seen my fair share of sci-fi horror movies.

    A diver floating on top of a huge blue hole of water

    8. This Coast Guard ship that was sunk on purpose to make an artificial reef, which I think is cool but I'm also allowed to think is creepy.

    A sunken ship

    9. This wave that's part of the Mavericks, a spot on the central California coast known for its massive waves. Like, we're talking waves the size of five-story buildings.

    A large wave crashing

    10. This photo from the Chandelier Cave in Palau, which gives me claustrophobia just looking at it.

    A scuba diver in a cave

    11. This sunken plane that looks so intact that I feel like it should be on land and repaired, but no, it belongs to the ocean.

    A propeller plane underwater, with a diver looking at it with a flashlight

    12. This lamprey in New York that I can't look at too long because the teeth really get to me. They're native to the Atlantic and I live near the Pacific, but I still don't think that's far enough.

    A fish with a disc-shaped mouth with sharp teeth

    13. This waterspout that freaks me out because the ocean should not be in the sky. Plain and simple.

    A line descending from a cloud to the water

    14. This glory hole (yes, that's what it's actually called) that's not actually in the ocean but I can still file under "weird parts of water that defy logic."

    A whirlpool-type hole in the middle of a body of water surrounded by mountains

    15. This sea cave that looks like a dragon's eye. If the entire ocean rose up to create some sort of giant water dragon, I would not be the least bit surprised, because the ocean is mighty and terrifying.

    A huge hole with bluish light of different shades, with a diver visible

    16. This jeep that's a scary PSA to use your parking brake (JK, but also, my car sinking is a fear of mine).

    A rusted jeep resting on rocks at the bottom of the water

    17. Finally, this 100% genuinely horrifying photo of LITTER at the very bottom of the MARIANA TRENCH. We as humans are terrible.

    A beverage bottle floating in water