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Your Home Is Too Cluttery If You Can Answer "Yes" To Over 13 Of These Questions

Who DOESN'T have old batteries lying around?

  1. Do you have any old batteries in your house that are totally drained of power?

  2. Do you have a membership card to a place that doesn't exist anymore in a drawer somewhere?

  3. Do you have a room key from a hotel you've previously stayed at in your wallet?

  4. Speaking of hotels, do you have a little bottle of shampoo, conditioner, or body wash that you stole from a hotel in a random drawer in your bathroom?

  5. Do you have more than one frequent buyer card to the same place, each with only like two or three stamps on it?

  6. Do you have something wrapped in tin foil in your freezer that you forgot the contents of?

  7. Do you have small salt and pepper packets in your junk drawer that came with takeout you ordered forever ago?

  8. Do you have an old balloon floating in your house somewhere that you're just waiting for the helium to drain from?

  9. Do you have an entire cupboard dedicated to plastic bags?

  10. Are you currently holding on to a used candle that doesn't even have enough wax or wick to stay lit anymore?

  11. Do you have an article of clothing someone left at your house one time in a pile somewhere because you really do plan on giving it back to them?

  12. Do you have multiple decks of playing cards because none of them are a complete set?

  13. Do you have one of those replacement packets that come with cheap Christmas tree lights nestled in your junk drawer?

  14. Do you have a broken electronic device (that you're really going to get around to fixing) just lying on a shelf collecting dust?

  15. Do you have an outdated newspaper or magazine sitting on your coffee table that you just haven't thrown away?

  16. Do you own more than three USB sticks?

  17. Do you have, in your closet, a piece of clothing with a hole in it that makes it unwearable?

  18. Do you have any Tupperware containers without matching lids?

  19. Have you accumulated a pile of papers that are important but ultimately unsorted, so seeing them kind of makes you stress out a little?

  20. Do you have a receipt in your wallet that's so faded, it basically just looks like a blank piece of paper?

  21. Does your medicine cabinet have a shelf dedicated to expired medications for an injury you no longer have?

  22. Do you currently own a lighter that doesn't light anymore?

  23. Do you have a bin full of supplies for a hobby you were only interested in for like six days?

  24. Are you, for reasons unknown, still holding on to a broken phone charger?

  25. Finally, be honest: Do you have a cup full of liquid you were drinking yesterday that's still sitting in your car or on your nightstand?

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