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19 Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Is a Boy And You’re a Girl


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1. You've fully accepted that nobody will ever understand your dynamic.

peazyt / Via Twitter: @peazyt

2. You have faces and inside jokes that wouldn't fly with anyone else.

Arirang TV

3. You don't have to deal with any expectation to look nice while hanging out with them because you know they won't give a shit.


4. You swear like sailors because you don't have a filter with each other.


5. You can count on them to have an honest opinion about your life choices when no one else does.


6. You always support each other even if your actions are questionable.

7. You know they've got your back no matter what.


8. When you hang out, you still feel like those two kids who sat on your front porch years ago.

shaymyname / Via

9. You always get great advice from them because they offer a fresh perspective.

New Line Cinema

10. And even though you poke fun at each other, you can 100% count on them to make you feel better.

_imxxni / Via Twitter: @_imxxni

11. You have the ultimate plus-one for that wedding/graduation party/baby shower you don't want to go to alone.

Thank you for being my absolute bestfriend and the best date I can ever ask for 💕🔥 #yourbestfriendgoals…

victoria_latona / Via Twitter: @victoria_latona

12. And anytime a significant other views your BFF as a threat, you have to explain that your friendship is strictly platonic.

13. Anyone who tries to date them has to go through a round of questioning that rivals that of a private investigator.

_namaste_bitches / Via

14. People might think it's a bit much, but your video chats every Sunday at 12 p.m. are completely normal.

guiltyalice / Via

15. You'll probably never find a significant other who treats you as well as they do.

Meme Arrows / Via Facebook: 265875920193855

16. You usually have to deal with people trying to convince you to date...

c0mch0 / Via

17. But you've just never been interested in them *~like that~*.

Dimension Films

18. And even though you get frustrated when you don't see eye to eye...

Jess: "You don't understand, 'cause you're a guy."

Jess: "You don't understand, 'cause you're a guy."

19. You wouldn't give up your friendship for the world!

Jake: "Rosa... we will never not be friends."Rosa: "Thanks, man."
FOX / Via

Jake: "Rosa... we will never not be friends."

Rosa: "Thanks, man."

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