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14 Marvel Quizzes Anyone With Free Time Should Take

What do you do when there's nothing to watch? Take quizzes, of course!

14 quizzes for fans of Marvel

ATTENTION: THIS IS NOT A QUIZ. This is a collection of incredible Marvel quizzes carefully curated for your enjoyment.

1. Pretend You're Super Rich And Design Your Own Mansion To Reveal Your Marvel Soulmate

Captain Marvel's result in the quiz: You're extremely independent, so while you appreciate close relationships, freedom is important to you. You don't want to be held down unless you choose it

2. These Seven Questions Will Determine If You're Most Like Tom's, Tobey's, Or Andrew's Spider-Man

Three Spidermans pointing to each other captioned Tobey, Andrew, and Tom

3. I Bet You Can't Sort These 25 MCU Characters Correctly

Tony Stark next to a venn diagram of the first three Avengers movies

4. We Know Which Avenger Matches Your Personality Based On The TV Shows You Pick

Black Widow next to a question on a quiz that says "Choose on of these iconic shows" with Brooklyn 99, The Office, Gilmore Girls, and Stranger Things as options

5. I'm Revoking Your Marvel Fandom Rights If You Can't Identify 70% Of These Marvel Siblings

Shuri and Gamora with the caption "click on Gamora's sister"

6. This Marvel Trivia Quiz Is Easy (Like, REALLY Easy) — Let's See If You Can Get 8/8

It's been blank all along over agnes from Wandavision and a picture of Thanos asking how many Infinity Stones are there

7. It's Time To See How Many Marvel Movies You've Actually Watched Before

A screenshot of the checklist partially filled in

8. Tom Holland, Zendaya, And Jacob Batalon Found Out Which Spider-Man: No Way Home Characters They Are, And Now It's Your Turn

Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon, and Zendaya laughing and taking a quiz

9. Unless You've Committed Every Marvel Movie To Memory, You Won't Be Getting 25/25 On This MCU Trivia Quiz

"What was Shang-Chi's job in San Francisco?" with the options being "bus driver" and "line cook"

10. Answer These 10 Questions As Honestly As Possible And We'll Tell You Which Marvel Sidekick Matches Your Personality

Ned from Spider man and Happy Hogan from the MCU

11. Pretend It's 1997 And You Have To Cast The Avengers — Which Of These Celebs Are You Choosing?

Brad Pitt superimposed as Captain America and Julia Roberts superimposed as Black Widow

12. If You Can Guess The Marvel Movies From My Terrible Summaries, You Deserve An Award

Nick Fury holding Goose with the caption "weird cat" and Black Panther with the caption "angry cousin"

13. How Many Marvel Characters Can You Identify Based On My Drawings?

A basic drawing of Falcon with the caption Vulture?

14. Michelle Jones, Mary Jane Watson, Or Gwen Stacy — Which "Spider-Man" Girlfriend Are You?

All of Spider-Man's girlfriends, including Michelle Jones, Mary Jane Watson, and Gwen Stacy