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    21 Times The Internet Called Out The Hilarious Struggles Of iPhone Users

    *violently rejects a software update*

    1. You have to protect your iPhone at all times:

    2. Or else you'll need to use protection:

    just cracked my phone screen so i guess my valentine's day tip is to wear protection

    3. You have to constantly click "not now":

    4. Or you have to deal with the consequences:

    5. Your apps have a mind of their own:

    qtrachel16 / Via Twitter: @qtrachel16

    6. And your apps want to listen to U2:

    Apple Music should be free for everyone who had that U2 album on their phone

    7. You go through iPhone chargers like candy:

    freedevo_ / Via Twitter: @freedevo_

    8. And you inevitably have to steal one from a family member:

    9. Because your battery needs its apple juice:

    10. Your storage is full constantly:

    freddyamazin / Via Twitter: @FreddyAmazin

    11. So you delete things that definitely aren't the Podcast app:

    12. And you try to hide its existence because you can't get rid of it:

    13. You depend on Siri so much:

    14. But she never understands a word you're saying:

    Yesterday I told Siri to remind me to get dye today and her crustass sent me this

    15. Your emotions are controlled by these little gray bubbles:

    16. And the only thing worse is green bubbles:

    17. Your autocorrect always ducks you over:

    Dear Autocorrect, Nobody in history has ever wanted to say “what the duck” so stop it pls Thank You

    18. You have a constant battle with your brightness:

    When u check ur phone in the middle of the night and the brightness all the way up

    19. And you start getting cold sweats because you hear your alarm tone out in public:

    is there anything worse than being in public n someone’s phone going off n their ringtone is the same as ur alarm t…

    20. iPhone has control, from its side power button to its three-inch dongle:

    That moment when you travel with your iPhone X for the first time and forget your headphone dongle.

    21. But it doesn't matter. iPhone, A ⍰ will never leave you, no matter what they say. Our love will last forever: