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21 Facts That Are Wholesome Little Rays Of Light In This Cold, Dark World

I want Mr. Rogers' mom to knit my sweaters.

1. All of Mr. Rogers' sweaters were knitted by his mother.


He even recognized her and her craftsmanship on his show.

2. Once crows leave the nest, they'll come back to visit their parents.

Williamsherman / Getty Images

And they help out around the nest by taking care of young!

3. Octopus hearts sometimes skip a beat when they're around a potential mate.

Mattiaath / Getty Images

If that's not the cutest thing ever, I don't know what is.

4. The voice of Spongebob is married to the voice of Karen, Plankton's wife.


Their names are Tom Kenny and Jill Talley, and they've been married since 1995.

5. Babies don't smile because they're happy, they smile because they know it makes their parents happy.

Tomwang112 / Getty Images

Some babies act a certain way to see if they can trigger a smile from their parents.

6. Gorillas hum when they eat their favorite foods.

Cloudtail_the_snow_leopard / Getty Images

The vocalizations are also used to tell other gorillas that they're busy eating.

7. Istanbul has vending machines where you insert a plastic bottle and it will dispense food and water for a stray animal.

Rookie Developer / Via

The machines feed the estimated 150,000 stray animals around the city.

8. Seahorse mates have an elaborate daily greeting that includes dancing together and changing colors.

Creativemarc / Getty Images

The Monterey Bay Aquarium says, "These greetings can last a few minutes or even hours and will end when one seahorse stops responding to the advances of its partner," which I'm pretty sure is the marine equivalent of, "No, you hang up first."

9. People are mailing trees love letters.

Kokkai / Getty Images

It all started when the city of Melbourne, Australia wanted to come up with an easy way for people to report problems with the trees. Therefore, they gave each tree a unique address. Instead of the trees getting complaints, they got love letters.

10. Volvo invented the three-point seatbelt, but opened up the patent to save as many lives as possible.

Zenstock / Getty Images

The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966 made it a required feature for every automobile.

11. The Netherlands sends Canada thousands of flowers every year as thanks for help in WWII.

Marcbruxelle / Getty Images

You can see them bloom in Ottawa.

12. Libraries outnumber McDonald's in the United States by over 8:1.

Marc Lechanteur / Getty Images

The American Library Association estimates there are 119,487 libraries in the United States. In 2017, Statistica reported there were 14,027 McDonald's, which means there are more than eight libraries for every McDonald's in the United States.

13. There is a metal band whose lead singer is an African Grey Parrot. Their name is Hatebeak.

Reptillian Records

They're pretty good, too.

14. Queen Elizabeth broke tradition after 9/11 to play the Star-Spangled Banner during the Changing of the Guard to comfort grounded American tourists.

Shmulitk / Getty Images

It was followed by a two minute moment of silence.

15. There are more trees on Earth than there are stars in the galaxy.

Wat / Getty Images, Arissu / Getty Images

There are estimated to be a thousand million stars in the galaxy and over three trillion trees on Earth.

16. Goldfish are made with smiles.

schultzy5992 / Via

It says so on the back of the package!

17. Norway knighted a penguin.

Lee Carson / Via

The king penguin, Sir Nils Olav, already had medals for long service and good behavior.

18. The British Military has a goat serving as a fusilier.

Southbanksteve / Via

His name is William Windsor, but people call him Billy for short.

19. Honeybees dance to communicate.

Bill Kercher / Getty Images

It's called the "waggle dance".

20. A Harvard doctor hypothesizes that dogs dream about their owners.

Danaibe12 / Getty Images

Of course, they also dream about other dog things like chasing birds and barking at other dogs.

21. Finally, Bob Ross did the entire Joy of Painting series for free.


He made the majority of his money off of his line of art supplies, instead.