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Here Are 14 Desserts Served For Royalty Around The World — Would You Eat Them?

"Vermicelli-like pastry soaked in rose syrup and topped with clotted cream and crushed pistachios" sounds absolutely amazing.

All of the desserts in this poll were taken from actual menus that kings or queens ate at dinner. I'll give you the name of the royal, the name of the dish, and a brief explanation of the dish, and you tell me if you'd eat it.

All of the dishes were taken from Jake Smith's fantastic catalog of historic menus.

King Chulalongkorn of Siam (1853–1910)

Drawing of a man with a small mustache in a uniform with medals on it

Queen Victoria of Great Britain (1819–1901)

A painting of Victoria in an ornate gown and wearing a crown and flowing headdress

Queen Nazli of Egypt (1894–1978)

Black-and-white photo of a smiling woman wearing a fur coat

Czar Nicholas II of Russia (1868–1918)

Black-and-white photo of a man with a mustache and beard in a military uniform

King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy (1869–1947)

Black-and-white image of a man with a mustache in a military uniform

Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico (1832–67)

Black-and-white photo of a man in a suit with epaulets and a tie and wearing long sideburns and a thin mustache

Prince Philippe, Duke of Orleans (1869–1926)

Drawing of a man in a suit and tie and with a thick beard and mustache

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands (1880–1962)

A black-and-white photo of a woman sitting in a high-back chair and wearing a crown and a short-sleeved dress