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    Someone Asked Cardi B If She Was Pregnant On Instagram, And Her Response Completely Shut Them Down

    "Let me fat in peace."

    Cardi B is not pregnant.

    She posted a teaser to Instagram of her new remix, and among the praise in the comments for this certified badass video...

    ...a commenter replied:

    Of course, this is a reference to the ongoing rumors surrounding Kylie Jenner and the pregnancy she has yet to confirm.

    But Cardi wanted none of it.

    She actually said in a recent Grammys interview with E! that if anyone had any rumors they wanted to clear up, just to ask her.

    Both Kendall Jenner and Miley Cyrus have had similar situations with people online commenting and asking them if they're pregnant.

    RUDE!!! Not pregnant just eating a shit ton of tufurkey

    mileycyrus / Via Twitter: @MileyCyrus

    Women eat, friends. It doesn't mean they're pregnant.

    i just like bagels ok!!!

    kendalljenner / Via Twitter: @KendallJenner

    And if they are, they'll say something when they're good and ready. But in this case, Cardi B is not, and fans were there to back her up:

    Keep on doing you, Cardi. Shut 'em down.