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    Someone Asked Cardi B If She Was Pregnant On Instagram, And Her Response Completely Shut Them Down

    "Let me fat in peace."

    Cardi B is not pregnant.

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    She posted a teaser to Instagram of her new remix, and among the praise in the comments for this certified badass video...

    ...a commenter replied:

    angelicaq28 / Via

    Of course, this is a reference to the ongoing rumors surrounding Kylie Jenner and the pregnancy she has yet to confirm.

    But Cardi wanted none of it.

    iamcardib / Via

    She actually said in a recent Grammys interview with E! that if anyone had any rumors they wanted to clear up, just to ask her.

    E! / Via

    Both Kendall Jenner and Miley Cyrus have had similar situations with people online commenting and asking them if they're pregnant.

    RUDE!!! Not pregnant just eating a shit ton of tufurkey

    mileycyrus / Via Twitter: @MileyCyrus

    Women eat, friends. It doesn't mean they're pregnant.

    i just like bagels ok!!!

    kendalljenner / Via Twitter: @KendallJenner

    And if they are, they'll say something when they're good and ready. But in this case, Cardi B is not, and fans were there to back her up:

    bardiebitch___ / Via
    omgci_ / Via

    Keep on doing you, Cardi. Shut 'em down.

    iamcardib / Via

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