There's An Easter Egg In "Toy Story 4" That Brings Nemo's Family's Killer To Justice


    Surely, you remember the instantly traumatic scene at the beginning of Finding Nemo? You know, the one where a barracuda comes up and attacks Nemo's parents and all of their eggs, killing Nemo's mom and eating every egg except for Nemo?

    That scene was a sucker punch to the heart, and to be perfectly honest with you, I've held a deep resentment towards barracudas ever since.

    But I feel a little bit better about it now because I recently got to chat with Josh Cooley and Mark Nielsen, the director and producer of Toy Story 4, who shared a handful of their favorite Easter eggs with me.

    And you know what they mentioned? That evil barracuda from Finding Nemo is stuffed and mounted on the wall of the antique shop in Toy Story 4.

    YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT. Look who's laughing now, tough guy!

    This jerk got caught, stuffed, apparently THROWN OUT, and ended up at Second Chance Antiques. This is a perfectly satisfying ending for a Disney villain in the same ranks as the hunter that killed Bambi's mom.

    And while there are plenty of other easter eggs in Toy Story 4, this one is my favorite. It gives me an overwhelming sense of relief that this monster isn't prowling the seas eating more clownfish families.

    He was the real villain of the movie. A ruthless killer. I'm glad he didn't just keep swimming.

    Meanwhile, I hope Nemo and Marlin are having a good time in their anemone. They can rest easy knowing that Gabby Gabby's terrifying ventriloquist dummies are watching over their family's murderer.

    Want to see this sweet justice for yourself? Toy Story 4 is now available on Amazon and in stores everywhere!