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17 Quizzes You Should Take If You Need To Relax Right Now

Let's take our minds off things...

Audrey Envgvalson / BuzzFeed

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. This is a collection of cute, wholesome, and relaxing quizzes carefully curated for your enjoyment.

1. What's The Color Palette Of Your Personality?

Syd Robinson / BuzzFeed

Why is this so accurate??? Take the quiz here.

2. This Soothing Quiz Will Tell You Which Tea You Are


Nothing is more calming than a warm glass of tea. Take the quiz here.

3. This Wholesome Quiz Will Reveal What You're Secretly Good At


Everyone's good at something. Take the quiz here.

4. Which Cute Animal Matches Your Personality?


They're so small! Take the quiz here.

5. Everyone Has A Scent That Matches Their Personality — Here Is Yours


Are you a calming lavender or a cooling peppermint? Take the quiz here.

6. Plan A Luxurious Spa Day And We’ll Reveal How Rich You'll Be


A facial sounds so good right now, doesn't it? Take the quiz here.

7. Build A Hipster Brunch And We'll Tell You Your Inner Age / Getty

It's all so aesthetically pleasing! Take the quiz here.

9. If You Were A Comfort Food, Which Would You Be?


You're warm and sweet, right? Take the quiz here.

10. This Quiz Will Reveal Something Wonderful About You


You want to know, don't you? Take the quiz here.

11. Set Up A Soothing Bath, And We'll Tell You How To De-Stress


You'll crave a bath after you take this. Take the quiz here.

12. Are You Adorable?


This is the most wholesome checklist you'll ever encounter. Take the quiz here.

13. You Could Be One Of 8 Dog Breeds In This Quiz, So Spend A Day As A Dog To Find Out


Channel your inner doggo and learn about yourself in the process! Take the quiz here.

14. How Many People Have A Crush On You?


This will make you feel good about yourself. I guarantee it. Take the quiz here.

15. Everyone's Personality Matches A Type Of Chicken Nugget And Here's Yours


I know, right now you're saying, "Audrey, what is calming about chicken nuggets?" First of all, everything. Second of all, something about this quiz radiates pure joy. You'll see. Take the quiz here.

16. This Quiz Will Read Your Energy And Reveal What Essential Oil You Are


Take a deep breath and see what this quiz says. Take the quiz here.

17. Everyone Has A Crystal That Matches Their Personality — Here's Yours


Are you more of a quartz or a tiger's eye? Take the quiz here.