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    Updated on Sep 10, 2018. Posted on May 29, 2018

    25 Emotional TV Scenes That Make Parents Cry Every Time

    You're gonna need all the Kleenex for this one.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the TV parenting moment that gave them all the feels, and their responses were totally heart-wrenching:

    1. "On One Day At A Time, when Elena comes out as a lesbian just before her quinceañera, and her father refuses to do the father-daughter dance with her, so her mom takes his place and says, 'I got you.'"


    "It means a lot to me, as a closeted person who worries about coming out to my family."


    2. "I was eight months pregnant with my daughter during the finale of How I Met Your Mother. When Barney picks up his baby girl in the hospital, the way he looks at her and totally falls in love with her right there...I sobbed uncontrollably for 45 minutes!"



    "And when he whispers, 'You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours forever,' my emotions totally overtake me." —ashrome

    3. "During season 13 of Grey's Anatomy, when Meredith has to tell her kids that their father won't be coming home because he died. I cry so many tears every time I watch that scene."

    4. "That famous scene during Fresh Prince of Bel Air, when Will is stood up yet again by his biological father, and cries to Uncle Phil, 'How come he don't want me, man?!' I must have sobbed for a solid hour!"



    "You see that completely raw emotion from Will Smith while Uncle Phil (his true father figure) comforts him. That was one of the most powerful scenes ever." —kassidyqp

    "That episode caught me off guard because my dad did the same thing. I first saw it in high school and cried all the way through first period. Even now, I still cry when I watch it." —chasminh

    5. "The episode of Gilmore Girls when Lorelai and Rory aren't speaking because of Rory's decision to drop out of Yale. Then Lorelai's dog gets sick and she has a total breakdown about it, but it's clearly about Rory, not the dog."


    "She cries, I cry, and it’s a bawling affair."—mariec40fe86b1b

    "And after their fallout, when she watches from outside as Rory unpacks her things in her grandparents' pool house. During the whole series, you see Lorelai's unconditional love for Rory, so that betrayal broke my heart." —addleaddle

    6. On Boy Meets World, after Shawn's father's heart attack, when Shawn asked why he never stuck around, asking, 'I wasn't good enough for you?' And his father replies, 'No, I wasn't good enough for you.'"

    7. "On This Is Us, when Kate has a miscarriage, and Rebecca shows up at her door, holds out her arms, squeezes her tight and just lets her break down."


    8. "On Grey's Anatomy, when April and Jackson deliver their terminally ill baby, Samuel — they hold him, sing to him, baptize him, and love him as much as they can...and then they say goodbye to him."



    9. "Mine was during the episode of ER when John Stamos' character picked his daughter up from school after spending the night treating a girl the same age for alcohol poisoning. When he programmed his number in her phone and said to call him anytime and he'll come to her, no questions asked, I LOST IT!"


    "My parents told me something similar as a teen and it probably saved my life."


    10. "When Miranda and Ben are coaching their young son on how to handle getting talked to by a cop on Grey's Anatomy, so that he doesn't get shot. The reality of that breaks my heart."

    11. "When Daenerys witnessed the death of Viserion on Game Of Thrones. I know that Viserion is a dragon, but Daenerys considered him her child. It was the only time I'd ever literally screamed at my TV."


    12. "I was absolutely destroyed by the Dawson's Creek finale. Jen dying and expressing her anger at not getting a chance to watch her baby grow up is one of my worst nightmares as a parent."

    Warner Bros.

    13. "On The Simpsons when they talk about why there aren't any pictures of Maggie in their photo albums and Homer says it's because they're all on display 'where he needs them the most.' It cuts to the sign Burns put up in the office that says, 'Don't forget, you're here forever,' and shows that Homer covered the letters with Maggie's pictures to make it read, 'Do it for her.'"


    14. "In Parenthood, when some kid peed in Max's canteen, and he couldn't understand why the other kids thought it was funny. When his mom climbs in the back seat and hugs him, despite his protests, my heart broke."


    "As someone who has been bullied, I recognized the feelings Max was experiencing. I WEEPED." —addya

    "This scene was a heartbreaking reminder that sometimes there are going to be things we can't fix for our kids."—jessicalynna488512250

    15. "In season one of Stranger Things when Joyce and Jonathan are looking at photos of Will to post around town, and Joyce says that she knows Will is still alive because she can 'feel it in her heart.'"


    16. "In Grey's Anatomy, when Meredith wins her first Harper Avery Award and the camera pans over to show the late Ellis Grey watching from the gallery, applauding. My heart has not recovered."

    17. "During The West Wing, when Toby's twins are born and he thinks he'll have a hard time connecting with them because he's not an emotional guy. But when he meets them, he is rendered totally speechless for the first time, simply saying, 'I didn't know babies come with hats.'"

    18. "The therapy session scene in This Is Us in which Kevin is yelling at his mother that she always preferred Randall to him. Rebecca repeatedly denies it until she finally breaks down, admitting, 'Randall was easier. He wouldn't cringe when I touched him.'"


    "I cried so hard because I'd been feeling guilty for having the same feelings towards my two sons. This scene broke my heart and gave me relief at the same time, because I finally heard someone else say what I've been thinking."


    19. "The episode of The Simpsons when Homer is reunited with his mom after 27 years always gets me. Especially the scene where she leaves again, and Homer says, 'At least this time I'm awake for your goodbye.' Absolutely heartbreaking."


    20. "The TV scene that tore me apart was in season five of Grey's Anatomy, when Bailey is treating a terminally-ill little girl whose dad is desperately hanging onto hope for a cure for her. Towards the end of the episode, as she begins to slip away, Bailey tells him that 'she needs her Daddy for this part.'"


    "I told myself I wouldn't cry, but watching that little girl's dad completely break down as his daughter dies in his arms had me a hot mess."


    21. "During Parenthood, when Zeek takes his granddaughter Amber to see the car that she drunkenly wrecked and almost died in. He tells her he's always had dreams of growing old and having grandchildren, and that she doesn't have permission to mess with that dream. TEARS. EVERY. TIME."



    "Zeek Braverman had many good moments as a granddad, but this one sticks with me the most." —meganf21

    22. "The scene in This Is Us after Kate freaks out about Jack filming her singing. He tells her that he would hate if she didn't want to be on camera because she didn't see herself as beautiful as he sees her."


    "I've always struggled with self-image, but, like Jack, my dad has never failed to tell me I'm beautiful."—rainac4cccfd020

    23. "On ER, when Dr. Greene discovers he has weeks to live, and takes his daughter to Hawaii to repair their strained relationship. His daughter tells him she remembers the song he used to sing to her when she was little. She puts headphones on him as he lay in bed, and he falls asleep listening to the song. Then the next morning, his wife finds him dead, headphones still on, his daughter's song still playing. CUE ALL THE TEARS."



    "And when he tells her to 'be generous...always.' That whole scene ruined 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' for me." —frenchkiwi

    24. "During That 70's Show, when Kitty and Eric have a night out together. The awkwardness of a mom trying to connect with her teenage son who just doesn't seem to have time for her is so sweet, funny and real. Gets me every time."



    25. "In This Is Us, when Jack tells his adopted son Randall, 'The moment I saw you, I knew you were my boy. You weren't a choice. You were a fact.'"


    "Or anything with Jack Pearson, honestly."


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    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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