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    21 Times People Had WTF Dreams About Famous People

    Y'all gotta stop um, "eating" before bed.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the weirdest celebrity dream they've ever had, and the responses were just as weird as we imagined:

    1. "I had a dream that I was walking into Walmart and Ed Sheeran came cartwheeling toward me wearing an employee uniform with a name tag that read 'Stephanie.'"


    "When he finally reached me, he tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and said, 'You're a beautiful piece of Halloween candy.' Then he cartwheeled off into the distance."


    2. "I was at a Harry Styles concert in Germany and he came out to hug all the fans that stayed afterwards. But when he got to me, he just pulled one of my curls and said, 'Boing!'"


    "I woke up furious."


    3. "Beyonce´ got in a car with me. I said 'hello' politely, and she just nonchalantly meowed."

    4. "Once I had a dream that Aziz Ansari was hosting the zombie apocalypse and narrating everything over a loud speaker like 'Oh shiiiiiiiit, that guy just got destroyed.'"

    5. "Johnny Depp was teaching my sex-ed class and he taught us how to put a condom on a banana."


    6. "I was standing in line to go down a tall plastic slide in the parking lot of my job, when the woman ahead of me fell through the slide, hitting the pavement below. I then turned to Halle Berry, who was in line behind me, and said, 'This is the worst Bring Halle Berry to Work Day ever.'"


    7. "I was in a sports locker room cleaning up when Ryan Gosling showed up and began to flirt with me. Then, all of a sudden, he started to remove his clothing, and I angrily told him to put it back on or I'd call security."

    Warner Bros.

    8. "I was at a Britney Spears concert and all her backup vocals sounded like dogs. So I snuck backstage to see what the hell was going on, and I saw that her entire crew was made up of ferrets. They were doing lights, background, everything!"


    9. "I was playing lacrosse against Noah Centineo, and when I went to score, he whacked me in the face with his stick and gave me a bloody nose."


    10. "I dreamed I was having sex with Jack Black and he howled and panted the whole time."

    Paramount Pictures

    "To this day I can't watch a Jack Black movie without cringing."


    11. "I had a dream that the Duggar family stole my personal information and used it to open up a credit card they only used to buy bananas. I was really upset until Chris Pratt heroically showed up — in his full Jurassic World costume — and promised to save my credit score."


    12. "I dreamed that Justin Bieber was running from the police, and came knocking at my door frantically, so I hid him in my attic."

    Comedy Central

    13. "I had a dream that Orlando Bloom kept trying to kill me to get me to leave him alone. At one point, he tried to drown me, then ran off. But I came up sputtering water and yelling that I still loved him."

    14. "Michael Rapaport was chasing me around New York City on a bicycle wielding a cheese knife."


    15. "Lin Manuel Miranda saved me from a tsumani and a train crash, back-to-back, then performed a really impressive rap about it."

    16. "I had this recurring dream that Zac Efron was a nerdy kid in my high school that would dress up like a mountain lion, even gluing hair all over his body. Then he'd hide in trees, then jump down and attack people, screaming, 'Zac mountain attack!'"


    17. "I had a dream that my mom was dating LeBron James and they were expecting a baby. To make room for it, they kicked me out of the house, so I peeing naked in his pool."

    18. "Justin Timberlake was giving me a professional haircut at his house, then suddenly remembered he had to meet up with his wife, Jessica Biel. So he just dashed, leaving me with half a haircut and a mess to clean up. And the bangs he gave me were not the bangs I asked for!"


    19. "I was a waitress at Olive Garden and had to serve Drake and Josh. I was trying really hard not to freak out, but every time I pulled out my cheese grater, their theme song would play on the overhead, and I'd start singing along."

    Warner Bros.

    20. "I competed in a Hunger Games-style fight to the death in which the winner got to host the Oscars. I was doing really well running and hiding in the abandoned warehouse arena, until Alec Baldwin stabbed me in the stomach with a steak knife and I woke up."



    21. "I dreamt I had to convince Mark Wahlberg that he isn't a failure, and that The Happening is one of the best comedies of all time...which it is."

    20th Century Fox

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    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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