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    23 "How My Parents Met" Stories That Prove Fate Is So, So Real

    "My dad's car broke down and he had to hitchhike. My mom picked him up."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the interesting way their parents met and the responses β€” and some additional comments readers made β€” are seriously so good, y’all

    1. "My parents met when my mom and her friend were on a double date with two guys who ended up being total creepers. They ducked into a hotel to escape the guys, and the night desk manager β€” my dad β€” hid them behind the front desk."


    2. "My dad was a popular high school athlete and my mom was a nerd, so they'd never met until one day my dad accidentally hit my mom with his car. He felt so bad that he pledged to visit her in the hospital every afternoon until she got better. They've been together ever since."


    3. "My parents met when my mom won tickets to a Metallica concert, along with a limo ride to and from the arena. My dad was the limo driver."

    4. "My parents had arranged to meet their respective dates at the exact same time and location, and they were both stood up. 37 years later, I'd say it was for the best."


    5. "My parents both worked at an old movie theater, and my mom had just gotten out of a bad relationship. They met when her ex decided to pay her an unwelcome visit at her job and she asked my dad to pretend to be her new boyfriend so her ex would leave her alone. They've been together for over 40 years."


    6. "My dad was a cop, and my mom worked at a donut shop. Boom."

    7. "My parents met in their college cafeteria, when he was catapulting peas at her head from across the room because he thought she was pretty."


    8. "My dad's identical twin came to my mom's job to visit her coworker, who he was dating. After he left, my mom asked jokingly, 'Hey, he doesn't have a twin, does he?'"


    9. "My mom met my stepdad when they bumped into each other while out walking their dogs. She was on her usual route, but he'd never taken that path before. But for some strange reason, his dog pulled him in that direction that day..."

    10. "My mom taught a step aerobics class in college, and my dad took it one day because he thought she was cute. They met when he tried to do one of the moves and accidentally smacked another lady in the face."


    11. "My mom and her sister worked at a 7-Eleven, and to pass the time, they would rate the butts of customers. My dad got a '10.'"


    12. "My mom is from Japan and my dad is from Hong Kong, and they were both traveling through the Silk Road at the same time. My dad accidentally dropped and lost his original train ticket, so he had to buy a ticket for the next train instead. And his assigned seat was right next to my mom's."

    13. "My dad's car broke down and he had to hitchhike. My mom picked him up."


    14. "My mom and her best friend sent Christmas cards to soldiers overseas. My dad was the only one who responded."

    "They became pen pals for 3 years before making a bet on who would travel to whom. If my mom's football team won the Superbowl, my dad would move to Iowa. If my dad's team won, my mom would move to Oklahoma. My mom's team won."


    15. "My dad was a foreign exchange student who fell in love with the daughter of his host family...from her picture."

    16. "My mom and dad were both working in a department store β€” my mom worked at the counter, while my dad cleaned the windows. They met one day when he was watching her so intently that he accidentally sprayed a customer in the face with glass cleaner."


    17. "My aunt and uncle met when he spilled ketchup on her at a football game."


    18. "My parents worked at the same place, and my mom had heard about my dad's reputation there β€” that he would flirt with 'anything in a skirt.' So she called him into her office one day to chastise him for sleeping with so many staff members and making the office environment uncomfortable. But my dad was so smooth that he didn't get written up...he got a date."

    19. "My parents met at a town snowball fight, when he broke her nose with an ice ball."


    20. "My dad called the wrong number β€” my mom's. But when she tried to hang up, he kept on talking..."


    21. "My parents actually met in a graveyard. They had both taken a shortcut through it on their way home at night. They ended up talking until the early morning."

    22. "My mom was a bridesmaid in her cousin's wedding, and my dad was the best man. Well, he kept hitting on another bridesmaid who wasn't interested. So my mom went up to him and said, 'Look, she's not interested, but I'm a real catch.'"


    23. "My parents met through the 90s version of a dating app β€” the singles column in the newspaper."

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    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.