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19 Ways Women Told Their Partners They Were Pregnant That'll Make You Laugh, Cry, And Smile Like Hell

"I faked a letter from the IRS promising him a tax break in nine months."

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how they told their partners they were pregnant and the responses were sweet, creative, and totally funny:

1. "I woke him up early and said, 'It's movie night. Do you want to watch Juno, What To Expect When You're Expecting or Knocked Up?'"

2. "I'd been vomiting, aching, and dehydrated for a few weeks and finally went to the hospital, where I found out I was pregnant. So I woke him up when I got home and said, 'Guess what? IT'S NOT THE FLU.'"

3. "I faked a letter from the IRS promising him a tax break in nine months. There were all kinds of hints in the letter — from the return address saying, 'Reproductive Service' to my signature at the bottom above the title 'Operations Manager, Automated Child System.' There was even a picture of two positive pregnancy tests. But he still didn't get it, so I made him read it again."

4. "After three years and three rounds of IVF, I took him bowling on a Sunday morning...and pulled off the best surprise ever."

5. "After we opened up all of our gifts on Christmas Day, I set up a camera to take a picture. And right before the picture was taken, I blurted out, 'Oh yeah, one more gift — I'm pregnant!'"

6. "With all three of my pregnancies, my husband knew before I even opened my mouth. Each time, he walked in from work, stopped dead when he saw my face, and said, 'No freaking way!' Apparently, I have 'resting baby face.'"

7. "I put the positive pregnancy test in a FedEx box and left the 'package' at our front door. So when my husband came home, he brought the package inside, opened it, and voila´!"

8. "I told my husband in an accidental text."

9. "I made a mug that had baby feet stamped inside, so that he would see them as soon as he finished his coffee."

10. "I told him the same day Drake's 'In My Feelings' video came out. So we played the video and I danced around singing, 'Baby, do you love me? You're gonna be a daddy!'"

11. "My husband proposed to me in front of Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World, and that place has always been magical for us. So of course I took him there to surprise him with my two positive pregnancy tests and a Disney Darth Vader Trading Pin that said, 'Number One Dad in the Galaxy!'"

12. "I shoved the positive pregnancy test under the bathroom door while he was pooping."

13. "I was terrified that my boyfriend would leave me when I told him I was pregnant because we were in college and we weren't that serious. But the second he saw my face, he knew something was wrong and just held me while I cried until I was ready to tell him. And when I finally said the words, 'I'm pregnant', he didn't even falter. His hug just grew tighter, and then he said, 'Okay. We're going to do this. Together.'"

14. "My husband found out I was pregnant with Baby #2 when a Facebook ad for a baby registry popped up on his News Feed. Apparently buying a pregnancy test and vitamins is enough for the Almighty Facebook Algorithm to target your spouse."

15. "I put a pink paint sample and a blue paint sample on our table, and when my husband came home, I casually said, 'There are some paint samples on the table. Can you look at them and tell me which one you like best?' He replied, 'For what?' And I said, 'The nursery, silly!'"

16. "To announce our rainbow pregnancy, I made my husband rainbow cupcakes and gave them to him with a note that said, 'After every storm, there is a rainbow.'"

17. "We had booked a trip to Paris that was three weeks away, and I'd planned to tell him at the top of the Eiffel Tower. But I'm horrible at keeping secrets, so I just blurted it out two days later."

18. "We had been having trouble conceiving and were preparing for another round of fertility treatments, when I took a pregnancy test as a failsafe. When I saw that the results were positive, I was so excited that I ran out of the bathroom and thrust the test — still dripping with pee — into my husband's hand yelling, 'WHAT DOES THIS SAY?!' And then I recommended a copious hand-washing, of course."

And finally, one from a Dad's point of view that's so funny I literally cried laughing:

19. "She told me with chocolate cupcakes, and I HATE chocolate cupcakes. She kept urging me to eat one and I kept refusing — until finally, she screamed angrily, 'EAT THE GODDAMNED CUPCAKE!' It wasn't until I finally took a bite that I realized there was blue frosting inside...and that we were having a baby."

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Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.