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These 16 Women Were Fed Up With Being Pregnant And The Results Were Hilarious AF

"GTFO!" - Mommy

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We asked members of the Buzzfeed Community to tell us the craziest things they've done to induce their labor and the responses were simply hilarious:

(We don't recommend attempting any of these things to induce labor, but if you do, definitely consult with your physician first.)

1. "I blasted Lady Gaga and bounced on a giant yoga ball for hours while eating hot salsa, then had sex and made my partner hold me upside down so his man juices would move the process along..."


"Then I started the process again the next morning!"


2. "Labor with my first son started when I was watching porn and climaxed."

Warner Bros.

3. "I did cartwheels until I was dizzy in my parents' front yard."

Dreamworks Pictures


4. "Coffee potty. Google it."



Ok, so we Googled it. In addition to finding articles saying it might not be safe, we learned the process. Coffee potty is when you put a plastic bowl in your toilet and add one to two cups of coffee grounds and boiling water, then sit on the toilet for 20 minutes with a towel on your lap. The steam and caffeine from this loo brew supposedly causes contractions. Uhh...

5. "I literally ate my weight in pineapple covered with cayenne pepper, and all I did was shit."

Comedy Central

6. "I had hot and steamy butt sex in the shower with lots of soap and lube, and my baby was in my arms before the sun came up."


7. "I was so desperate that I faked contractions for three hours to get admitted to the hospital, then was given Pitocin and didn't have to fake it anymore!"


—Tori Merida, Facebook

8. "I ran up and down the stairs, danced all afternoon, and drank castor oil multiple times. And that shit is disgusting."


9. "I heard that spicy foods induced labor so I ate the spicy ramen from the Spicy Noodle Challenge like five times. So. Much. Pain."


—Johanna Lazaro, Facebook

10. "My mom made me eat a giant steak and ride around their yard on a lawnmower. The neighbors thought I was crazy and it didn't even work."

Paramount Pictures

11. "I went to a pet store that had baby animals up for adoption. Seeing all of those adorable little faces kicked me right into labor."

12. "My husband and I watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia nonstop for 24 hours in hopes of laughing the baby out! And it worked!"


13. "When I was 39 weeks pregnant and frustrated, I finally looked at my stomach one night and screamed, 'Get out!' Scared the crap out of my dog and my water broke the next morning."

Universal Pictures

"I guess the baby listened."


14. "I ran up and down the stairs of our apartment building in subzero temps, ate cabbage salad with balsamic vinegar, swing danced, had lots of sex, and drove down a bumpy road, all in one day. I gave birth the next day!"


–Victoria Olson, Facebook

15. "I picked a fight with my husband and got so mad so it put me into labor!"


—Sarah Armstrong, Facebook

16. "I've tried absolutely everything now, even screaming at my vagina, 'WHYYYYYYYY?!'

Universal Pictures

But the baby is still in there, the little twerp.

—Teegan Holm, Facebook

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Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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