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    Zachary Quinto Is Brilliant On Broadway

    He totally rocks his Great White Way debut. Here's 11 reasons why you should see The Glass Menagerie.

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    Michael J. Lutch / Via The Glass Menagerie Broadway

    What the play's about:

    The story follows a Southern belle named Amanda Wingfield who lives in St. Louis with her two grown children. Amanda wishes a better life for her crippled daughter Laura and begs her son Tom to find a suitor for her. Tom invites a gentleman caller named Jim for dinner, but he causes more trouble than the family can handle.

    Here's why you should see it:

    1. The play was written by Tennessee Williams, who's also responsible for other amazing pieces of work.

    The play has been revived on Broadway once a decade since 1965, indicating its importance in classic American theater.

    2. Tom Wingfield is the most autobiographical character Tennessee Williams has ever written.

    The play is believed to be based on Williams himself, his histrionic mother, and his mentally fragile sister Rose.

    3. The production is directed by Tony Award winner John Tiffany, who also worked on Once.

    The show won eight Tony Awards in 2012, including Best Musical — a true testament to his talent.

    His direction in the Tennessee Williams memory play is simple and mysterious, making the transition from past to present both graceful and flawless.

    4. It features an incredibly talented (and attractive) cast who you can't keep your eyes off of.

    From left to right:

    Zachary Quinto as Tom Wingfield (American Horror Story, Star Trek)

    Cherry Jones as Amanda Wingfield (24, The Heiress, Doubt)

    Celia Keenan-Bolger as Laura Wingfield (Peter and the Starcatcher)

    Brian J. Smith as Jim O'Connor (SGU Stargate Universe, The Columnist, Gossip Girl)

    5. And their onstage chemistry is a direct reflection on their craft.

    Their dynamic and portrayal of a dysfunctional family is hauntingly believable and you can't help but feel like you're in the middle of it.

    6. Cherry Jones is absolutely charming and you will love her.

    She plays Amanda Wingfield, a persistent mother whose unyielding grip on her past has resulted in a damaging life for her children. Even though her character is a bit overbearing, Cherry Jones' stunning performance will make you understand Amanda's intentions and ultimately sympathize with her.

    In other words, if Cherry Jones doesn't get nominated for a Tony, we will riot.

    7. Zachary Quinto is surprisingly hilarious for playing such a somber role.

    Tom is clearly unhappy living at home and yearns for an escape, but his struggle and satirical nature is humorous and Zachary Quinto will have the audience ROFL*.

    *You will not actually ROFL, but Quinto sort of does as displayed in the GIF above.

    8. Laura Wingfield is the ultimate introvert, and Celia's portrayal of the character will give you ALL THE FEELS.

    Laura is socially awkward and so discouraged by an injury she has, she refuses to let herself live. Celia knows how to elicit the right emotions at the right time and her performance will keep your eyes locked to the stage.

    9. And with that, the dancing scene between Laura and Jim will make your heart melt.

    10. When we asked Cherry Jones what message she wants the audience to take away from this production, this is what she said:

    Michael J. Lutch / Via The Glass Menagerie Broadway

    11. The play is basically a mess of family drama and you'll want to find out if they can make it.

    If you liked August: Osage County, Next to Normal, or Death of a Salesman, you'll probably enjoy this.

    So when you're looking for shows to see this Broadway season, add The Glass Menagerie to your list.

    These four will be a privilege to watch!

    And on that note:

    Michael J. Lutch / Via The Glass Menagerie Broadway

    Ticket info here.

    The show also has student rush tickets for $35.

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