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19 Signs You're A Homebody

No shame in loving your bed.

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1. You've ordered delivery WAY too many times.

2. You look forward to rainy weekends because you can watch a NCIS marathon.

3. This happens every night.

4. You don't really care for overcrowded holiday bar crawls.

5. And would really rather just drink wine in your bed.

6. You've watched an entire season of a TV show on Netflix.

Multiple times.

Multiple times.

7. Clubbing is the least desirable activity you can think of.

8. And maybe hiking, because nature kills.

9. This:

10. You're always home in time to watch SNL on Saturday nights.

11. Having your friends come into town is the WORST because you have to entertain all weekend.

12. You can handle a happy hour, but probably go straight home after it ends.

No bar hopping for you.

No bar hopping for you.

13. It's ALWAYS movie night.

14. You go home and browse the internet for hours on your laptop.

Every. Night.

Every. Night.

15. You've made so many excuses to avoid going out.

16. And cancelled plans more times than you can count.

17. You look forward to the weekend just so you can do absolutely nothing.

18. Your family and friends aren't surprised when you don't show up to places.

19. And once you enter the door, there's no way you're leaving your apartment.

Welcome to the Homebody Club.

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