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Little Mix Shares Some Badass Advice On Self-Love And Friendship

"What you have to realize is that there's only one of you, and that is what's lovely."

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Little Mix, the incredibly talented British girl group, is taking the world by storm with their a cappella covers and addictive pop hits such as "Black Magic" and "Love Me Like You." The powerhouse foursome just released their latest album Get Weird (which is amazing!), and the ladies stopped by BuzzFeed New York to offer up some wonderful advice to the BuzzFeed Community. Here's what the squad had to say.

What advice do you have on getting a confidence boost? When and how did you begin to get over insecurities and truly love the person you are? —abbyxox

Leigh-Anne Pinnock: I think we definitely help each other with that.

Perrie Edwards: Yeah, we do.

LAP: We bring the best out in each other so it's nice to surround yourself with positive people, people that will bring the best out in you.

PE: I think our music really helps a lot of people , and it helps us as well. I think being together, and being in this industry, it makes you more confident, and less confident at the same time, but luckily we have each other. So yeah, if you've got good friends and family around you.

Jesy Nelson: I think you need to know as well that everyone has something about themselves that they hate. No one wakes up and looks in the mirror and thinks, Oh, I love this [points to body], everything about me. Everyone has insecurities and I think it's normal to one day get up and think, Ugh, I hate that about myself. But, what you have to realize is that there's only one of you, and that is what's lovely.


Jade Thirlwall: Yeah!

PE: Preach!

JT: [sings] Can I get an amen?

All: [sings] Can I get an amen?

When people are talking about me in a mean way, should I confront them or ignore them? —agaudet

JN: One hundred percent [confront them].

PE: I tell you what you do, you smack them in the face!

LAP: Ayyyeeee.

PE: No I'm joking — definitely don't do that. Please don't.

JN: Don't get violent.

LAP: I think it's good to have a backbone. If someone's chatting rubbish about you, you should be able to confront them.

PE: Be mature about it. And don't go about it in a bitchy way.

JT: Don't attack.

PE: Just be really civil and cool and say, "Look, I've heard you might have said this about me and don't feel like that's really nice of you to say."

JN: But, if you are scared, you could always get an older brother or sister.

LAP: Have a sister at the ready!

JN: That's what I did. Just gave them the bop on the nose.

PE: No! She's lying!

LAP: A little push in the face.

PE: My brother was like that as well.

What is the best way to make new friends? —catherinet46ec76a8e

LAP: That's a really good question!

PE: You've got to be chatty, and you've got to be confident enough to approach people.

JT: If you're at school, maybe find someone.

LAP: I think being yourself is the most important thing because if you're not being yourself, and you're being fake, people will sniff you out.

PE: Sniff sniff.

LAP: Be your lovely, incredible self and I'm sure everyone will fall in love with you, like they did with me! [flips hair]

Get Weird is available in stores and online now.

Bonus! Here's a video of Little Mix singing an acoustic version of "Black Magic" at the BuzzFeed NY office.