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    Here's A First Look At "Heathers: The Musical"

    The classic 80s dark comedy is hitting New World Stages 25 years after its movie release. What's your damage, Heather?

    Heathers: The Musical is coming to Off-Broadway this March, and BuzzFeed got a sneak peek at one of their rehearsals.

    Heather, Heather, and Heather reenact some of their famous one-liners.

    "What's your damage, Heather?"

    "Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast, Heather?"

    "Fuck me gently with a chainsaw."

    The bitchy trio sing a song called "Candy Store" and it's actually really catchy.

    It's just as inappropriate as the movie.

    "You've just got to prove you're not a pussy anymore."

    And Heather Chandler doesn't want ANYONE to steal her spotlight.

    Veronica and J.D. share an intimate moment and express their emotions through song, obviously.

    And then they make out.

    ~TrUe LoVe~

    The Heathers consider letting Veronica join their group.

    And then decide to change everything about her.

    There’s an entire song dedicated to Ram and Kurt's staged suicide love pact called “My Dead Gay Son.”

    In which the dads apparently realize they're also gay.

    It's basically everything you expected.

    And Heather doesn't disappoint.

    Now here's some cast photos!

    Heather, Heather, Heather, J.D., and Veronica:

    Veronica and Martha:

    Ram and Kurt:

    Veronica and J.D.:

    Bonus: A blooper from Heather!

    Heathers: The Musical previews begin at New World Stages on March 15.