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33 Harry Potter Jokes Even Muggles Will Appreciate

These are siriusly good. All jokes via this Quora thread.

1. What Harry would look like if Lily married a different man.

2. Pinocchio's advice to Voldy.

3. This steal of a sale.

4. This explanation for a girl's bathroom behavior.

5. This drunk encounter.

6. The truth behind Facebook accounts.

7. This alternate storyline.

8. The sweet side to Voldemort.

9. Basic high school shit.

10. This celebration.

11. This hard piece of evidence.

12. This excellent example of puberty gone right.

13. A true distinction between Voldemort and all other wizards.

14. These happier Harry Potter titles.

15. Bellatrix's fatal mistake.

16. This HIMYM spinoff.

17. These real-life music wizards.

18. Ugh, this.

19. These parallels between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

20. Inception...

21. This outdated pickup line.

22. These ads starring Voldy and Gandalf.

23. This math question.

24. Hermione's sudden realization.

25. Draco, circa 2014.

26. Childhood questions answered.

27. Bellatrix being Bellatrix.

28. Harry being sassy, per usual.

29. This mind-blowing moment.

30. This google search.

31. This spoiler alert.

32. This siriusly funny play-on-words.

33. And this:

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