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    Posted on Nov 15, 2019

    23 Things All Floridians Who Moved Up North Understand

    What is the opposite of a snowbird?

    1. Realizing you will never have a grocery store as great as Publix ever again.

    Every time I wear my publix sweater out in nyc I meet a stranger from florida and together we reminisce about pubsubs— that’s unity

    2. AND sacrificing your daily pub sub ritual because apparently the Northeast can't have nice things???

    3. And did we mention NO. PUBLIX. COOKIES?

    4. Experiencing seasons beyond different variations of "hot," and feeling conflicted because snow seems fun until it turns into slush.

    A typical Florida day: 10 AM: Hot 12 PM: Hotter 2 PM: Surface of the Sun 4 PM: Irma 2.0 6 PM: Humid and wet 8 PM: Mosquito playground

    5. And on top of that, having to shop for an entirely new, expensive wardrobe just so you don't freeze to death.

    Interscope Records

    6. All those pairs of shorts, flip flops, tank tops, and swimsuits? They come in handy for only three months of the year.

    7. Speaking of swimsuits, finding a friend that has a pool in their backyard is now nearly impossible. Your best chance is taking a vacation or going to a hotel.

    Getty Images

    8. Having to take a FLIGHT to Disney World instead of driving for a weekend trip.

    9. And also having to actually parallel park, since this was not a thing frequently practiced in Florida.

    I haven't parallel parked since my driving test when I was 16.

    10. Laughing at people when there's a hurricane warning and Northerners are buying ice cream and hot pockets.

    Bro, what are you gonna do when the power goes off? HUH?

    11. Freaking out when there's a nor'easter and hoping you can Hoku your ass to a snow day.

    Paramount Pictures

    If you don't understand the reference, please do your research.

    12. When it rains, and it pours. The whole day. There's no such thing as a 3 p.m. sun shower anymore.

    13. Missing the complete lack of ceiling fans.

    Ut07 / Getty Images

    14. And even worse, no central air conditioning in some places.

    Universal Pictures

    NYC...why are you like this??

    15. Quickly understanding you don't have year-round access to a beach anymore.

    16. Scraping snow off your car instead of pollen and love bugs.

    I mean, all suck, but you get it.

    17. The complete lack of Cuban coffee and Cuban food.

    18. Having to wear a coat over your Halloween costume because it's October. In the north.

    19. Getting looks from anyone that learns you're from Florida and then getting asked if you've ever heard of Florida Man.

    Twitter: @_floridaman

    Yes. We all know about Florida Man.

    20. And then having to tell people you're from some big city they'll recognize because if not, no one will know.

    View this video on YouTube

    "I'm in between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. It's called Pembroke Pines. Yeah, I'm from Miami."

    21. But when YOU find another Floridian, you flock together like mockingbirds. You'll ask each other a million questions about your upbringing.

    True story: Two friends of mine from completely different groups just met and it turns out they went to the same high school.

    22. And when you find your college rival...well...

    FSU is not doing great, so I'll just shut my mouth now.

    23. And finally, getting a new state license and giving up your voting power in the swing state.


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