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Disney Villains Spoof The "Chicago" Musical's "Cell Block Tango"

It's called "Spell Block Tango" and it's produced by What The Funny and American Idol alum Todrick Hall.

Check out the fierceness here.

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101 Dalmatians' Cruella DeVil as "Spots"

Miramax Films

Snow White's The Evil Queen as "Six"

Miramax Films

The Little Mermaid's Ursula as "Fish"

Miramax Films

Alice in Wonderland's Queen of Hearts as "Uh Uh"

Miramax Films

The Lion King's Scar as "Figaro"

Miramax Films

Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent as "Wishes"

Miramax Films

Peter Pan's Captain Hook as the bandleader

Miramax Films

Well done, Divas.

H/T Popwatch

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