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    Deadpool Photoshopped Himself In Famous Movie Covers And It's Brilliant

    King of Trolling.

    Ok, so we all know Deadpool 2 is coming out this Friday, and we also know that Deadpool is a giant troll with inappropriate humor and a huge ego.

    In promotion of the movie's upcoming release, Wade Wilson has hijacked a bunch of famous movie covers and photoshopped himself as the main character.

    And they are LITERALLY on sale at Walmart. This is real. This is happening.

    Marketing brilliance, IMHO.

    Like, whoever's idea this was, give them a raise.

    guys look at the movie rack at walmart! brett just sent me the photo. the promo for deadpool is unbelievable

    Deadpool does X-Men better than the X-Men.

    And of course, there's a Logan takeover.

    BRAVO! 👏

    Walmart took their 5$ DVD section and replaced all the cover art with Deadpool variants 😂😂

    Deadpool 2 hits theaters Friday, May 18.